4th Forum of Sociology, Porto Alegre, Brazil — February 23-27, 2021


The 4th ISA Forum of Sociology has been postponed until
February 23-27, 2021
 (The program is set, but participant registration has been extended to December 15, 2020)

Full details of the postponement can be found in the ISA’s announcement: HERE
These include other details about conference participation and
participants’ opportunity to modify their paper titles and abstracts.

 “Challenges of the 21st Century for Sociology of Religion

Program Coordinators:
Eloísa Martín, United Arab Emirates University, UAE
Juan Cruz Esquivel, University of Buenos Aires/ CONICET, Argentina
Roberta Bivar Carneiro, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

The debate on religion, its role, its development, and its future has been intense, extensive and sophisticated during the last few decades. Religion is both a central phenomenon itself and a key variable that can be used to explain economic, social, and political phenomena.  Both facets require continuous in-depth research. In recent years, many sociologists have begun to identify limits to the current approach to religious phenomena, and especially to the definitions of religion developed in the West. A number of authors have extended this critique to the ways sociologists currently explain and interpret “religion” in the 21st Century. Though still emerging, such accounts have opened new paths by which sociologists of religion can face both the empirical and theoretical challenges of our era.

RC22 will be hosting the following Sessions: (click the link to read the session description)

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