A New Journal: Global Review – The Institute of Global Studies – Shanghai University

A New Journal: Global Review – The Institute of Global Studies – Shanghai University



The “Global Review” is an academic journal sponsored by the Shanghai University Center for Global Studies. It aims to promote the development of a global academic discipline in China. It was founded in 2012, when the Shanghai University’s Global Studies Center is upgraded to the Institute of Global Issues, the Global Review will also be revised.
The new edition of the “Global Review” is dedicated to advancing global academic research and discipline development in the Chinese academic community, advocating cross-cultural, cross-regional and interdisciplinary approaches, focusing on global issues and global governance, and revealing the diversity of world civilizations and the road to modernization. Diversity.
Globalization is both a process and a more beneficial perspective. The two characteristics of “liquidity” and “networking” in the era of globalization have made it necessary for many issues to break the old paradigm of “nation-states” and place them in a global context. Scholars may have differences about the starting point of globalization, but no one questions the breadth and depth of the current globalization process. We sincerely hope that the “Global Review” can become a “survey field” in the Chinese academic community. Welcome Scholars at home and abroad are here to discuss and debate and contend for confrontation. Ultimately, they can agglomerate consensus and form a Chinese theory, school, and program on global studies.  

The Global Review has five sections:

(1) Global Theory

(2) Global issues and global governance

(3) Globalization and Regional Social Development

(4) Human Destiny Community

(5) Book reviews and academic information

The new edition of the “Global Review” will be published by the Social Sciences Academic Press and will be published twice a year. Anonymous peer review system was implemented, and the reply was given within two months of acceptance. The citation and annotation format of the manuscript is the same as “Chinese Social Sciences”.
Please submit the manuscript to the editorial office of Global Review.

Mailing address: Building 3, East Campus, Baoshan Campus, Shanghai University, 333 Nanchen Road, Shanghai, China