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AASR December Newsletter

The Journal for the Academic Study of Religion Vol. 33 no. 2 is out now. Current members of AASR can access it here. For those who missed the AASR 2020 Digital Conference, we will update on session recordings in Jan/Feb 2021. Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer break and 2021 ahead.
Call for Papers:

36th ISSR/SISR ‘Religion in Global/Local Perspectives: Diffusion, Migration, Transformation’ Conference, 12-15 July 2021 (digital only), Taipei, Taiwan. Call for papers revised: 8 January to 28 February 2021. More info
Center for Critical Research on Religion and Queens University Belfast, conference on “Critical Approaches to the Study of Religion”, 11-14 June 2021. Proposal deadline 15 January 2021. More info.
NEW Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference 2021, 20-22 September 2021. Abstract deadline 3 May 2021. More info
3rd ANU Religion Conference – Religion and Migration: Culture and Policy. Canberra, 8-10 December 2021. Proposal deadline 21 May 2021. More info 

Call for Book Proposals in Modern East Asian Religion and Culture
Call for papers for the International Journal for the Study of New Religions
Call for paper for a thematic issue of Religion: Emic Categories and New Paths / Case Studies in the Scholarly Use of Indigenous Concepts (working title). Deadline Feb 2021. 
Call for papers: Special Issue on “Historizing Islamophobia”. Deadline February 2021. 
Call for papers: Special Issue “Female Mystics and the Divine Feminine in the Global Sufi Experience”. Deadline 1 July 2021. 
2021 ATF Theological Book Prize. Submission by 31 March 2021. More info. 
Research Associate in Social Contexts of Rebellion in the Early Islamic Period, University of Hamburg Institute of Asian and African Studies
Postdoctoral Researcher in Qur’an and Aramaic Christianity, University of Tubingen Department of Religious Studies
PhD Position in Jewish Studies, University of Tubingen Department of Religious Studies
Assistant Professor in Religious Studies, New York University
Latest Publications:

Balthrop-Lewis, Alda 2021. Thoreau’s Religion: Walden Woods, Social Justice, and the Politics of Asceticism. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 

Carole M. Cusack and James R. Lewis 2020. Mass Suicides and Mass Homicides: Collective Violence and the Demise of New Religious Movements. In The Demise of Religions: How Religions End, Die or Dissipate, edited by Michael Stausberg, Stuart A. Wright, and Carole M. Cusack, 175-190. Bloomsbury, London. 
McPhillips, Kathleen, and Naomi Goldenberg (eds) 2021. The End of Religion: Feminist Reappraisals of the State. Routledge, London.

Milad, Milani, and Vassilios Adrahtas (eds) 2021. Islam, Civility and Political Culture. Springer, Cham. 

Michael Stausberg, Stuart A. Wright, and Carole M. Cusack (eds) 2020. The Demise of Religions: How Religions End, Die or Dissipate. Bloomsbury, London. 
Possamai, Adam, and Anthony J. Blasi (eds) 2020. The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Sociology of ReligionSage, Los Angeles. 

Possamai, Adam, and Giuseppe Giordan (eds) 2020. The Social Scientific Study of Exorcism in Christianity. Springer, Cham.

Stuart A. Wright, Michael Stausberg and Carole M. Cusack 2020.How Religions End: Terms and Types. In The Demise of Religions: How Religions End, Die or Dissipate, edited by Michael Stausberg, Stuart A. Wright, and Carole M. Cusack, 13-30. Bloomsbury, London.