AASR May Newsletter


The Special Issue on Religion and Violence (2020; Vol. 33, No. 3) is now published with the Journal of the Academic Study of Religion. This Special Issue is guest edited by Dr Kathleen McPhillips, with the following papers:


National Graduate Student Workshop: Representing Belief, 7-8 December 2021 (online). Application deadline: 30 Sep 2021. More info. 

46th Annual Conference of the Australian Association for the Study of Religion on ‘Hope’, 9-10 December 2021. Abstract deadline: 31 Oct 2021. More info. 

Intellectual Authority and its Changing Infrastructures in North American and Australian Christianity, 1960s-2010s, ACU and Deakin University (online), 29-30 July 2021. Abstract deadline: 30 May 2021. More info. 

Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS), online: “The Future of Islam and Humanity: Local and Global Challenges and Opportunities”. 14-16 September 2021. Proposals due by 1 June 2021. More info.

New Zealand Association for the Study of Religion Conference on ‘Aotearoa Spirit’, Victoria University of Wellington, 29-30 November 2021. Abstract deadline: 3 September 2021. More info. 


Call for papers: Special Issue “Female Mystics and the Divine Feminine in the Global Sufi Experience”. Deadline 1 July 2021. 

Upcoming Event:

Buddhism in the Far North of Australia pre-WWII: (In)visibility, colonialism and lived religion. 17 June 2021. 4-5.30pm. Zoom event. More info.

Job Opportunity:

Deputy Director, Contemplative Studies Centre, University of Melbourne

Selby Old Fellowship in Religious History of the Orthodox Christian Faith, University of Sydney

New Publications:

Andrew Singleton, Mary Lou Rasmussen, Anna Halafoff and Gary Bouma (2021). Freedoms, Faiths and Futures: Teenage Australians on Religion, Sexuality and Diversity. Bloomsbury. 

Enqi Weng and Fethi Mansouri (2021). ‘‘Swamped by Muslims’ and facing an ‘African gang’ problem: racialized and religious media representations in Australia’Continuum

David W. Kim (2021). ‘Cao Đài and Gucheon Sangje: Ethnical Grassroots Religious Movements in Colonial Vietnam and Korea’InternationalJournal of Religion and Spirituality in Society 11, 2: 81-101.

David W. Kim (2021). ‘Public Trust Lost and a Sign of Retroflexion: The Socio-Political Ecology of the Korean Church during the COVID-19 Pandemic’Journal of Church and State, https://doi.org/10.1093/jcs/csab006

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