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ASA Section on the Sociology of Religion–Virtual Conference on Monday, August 10th

Although the ASA Religion Section is not meeting at the ASA meetings in person this year, we have a slate of virtual sessions and meetings on Religion Day (Monday, Aug 10th) that I am excited to share below.

FREE registration for ASA members ($25 for non-members) is required to obtain access to these virtual events, so please register here ASAP:

Once you register and log in to the ASA website, when you visit the virtual program (shortcut web links provided below), you should see a black “View or Join Online” button for any virtual session of interest and clicking on it will reveal directions for joining that meeting/session/table on Zoom.

Our program team (Andrea Henderson, Grace Yukich, Simon Brauer, and Bo Hyeong Jane Lee) worked very hard to first prepare the original slate of sessions, and then pivoted to organize which sessions would move forward virtually and how. I greatly appreciate their dedication to making all of this happen in the midst of a global pandemic. Many thanks also to our presiders, presenters, and discussants for providing us this opportunity for intellectual engagement.

I hope to “see” many of you around at our virtual sessions and roundtables, and I invite you all to participate in our Section Business Meeting, where we will talk about the state of the section, introduce new officers and council members, and present our book and article awards.

Please mark your calendars now for the events below

Lisa Pearce, ASA Religion Section Chair

ASA 2020 : Section on Sociology of Religion

Virtual Activities
Monday, August 10


    8:30 to 9:10 am PT
    Summary of year’s activities and finances, award presentations, and introduction of new officers and council members. All are welcome!


    Roundtable Organizers: Simon Brauer and Bo Hyeong Jane Lee
    9:10 to 10:10 am PT
    Topics, papers, and authors listed here:


    Global Religion

    10:30am to 12:10 pm PT

    Andrea K. Henderson, University of South Carolina & Grace B. Yukich, Quinnipiac University

    Presider and Discussant:
    Brandon Vaidyanathan
    Barriers to Racial Integration in British Evangelicalism: Colonialism, Classism, and Marginalization
    Jessamin Birdsall, Princeton University
    Belonging, Believing, Behaving and Brexit: How Religion Shapes Support for Leaving the European Union
    Siobhan McAndrew, University of Bristol
    From Sacred to Secular: Trend in Values in Egypt, Tunisia, and Turkey
    Mansoor Moaddel, University of Maryland-College Park
    Reconceptualizing Global Religion: Characteristics of Grave-Sweeping in China Becky Yang Hsu, Georgetown University

    Populism and Religion: Comparative-Historical Approaches

    Co-Sponsored by Comparative-Historical Section and Section on Sociology of Religion
    10:30am to 12:10 pm PT

    Efe Peker, University of Ottawa & Gulay Turkmen, University of Goettingen

    Efe Peker, University of Ottawa

    Shai M. Dromi, Harvard University
    Religion and Gender in the European Populist Right
    Ayse Serdar, Instanbul Technical University;
    Ebru Öztürk, Mid Sweden University’
    Katarina Giritli Nygren, Mid Sweden University
    Religion, Populism, and Nationalism in Nine Eastern European States
    Pamela Irving Jackson, Rhode Island College;
    Peter E. Doerschler, Bloomsburg University
    Religious Populism in America and the Possibility for Democratic Politics
    Rhys H. Williams, Loyola University-Chicago