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*Ashgate Studies in Pilgrimage*

Series Editors: Simon Coleman, University of Toronto; Dee Dyas, University of York, UK; John Eade, University of Roehampton, UK and University College London, UK; and Jas’ Elsner, University of Oxford, UK and University of Chicago

Once relatively neglected, pilgrimage has become an increasingly prominent topic of study over the last few decades. Its study is inevitably inter-disciplinary, and extends across a growing range of scholarly fields, including religion, anthropology, geography, history, literary studies, art history, archaeology, sociology, heritage and tourism studies. This process shows no sign of abating—indeed, it looks set to continue to expand.

This series seeks to place itself at the forefront of these conversations. Books will cover exciting new work from both established and emerging scholars. They will encompass themes as diverse as pilgrimage within national and post-national frames, pilgrimage-writing, materialities of pilgrimage, digi-pilgrimage and secular pilgrimage.

Single- (or jointly-) authored books as well as edited volumes will be considered. Authors will work closely with the Editorial Board in the preparation and production of texts which should set the intellectual agenda for the future study of pilgrimage.

Submitting a Book Proposal:

Book proposals are invited for student/wider readership paperback texts, research monographs and edited collections, if they fit within the series profile. Please send your initial book proposals to either the Publisher or the Series Editor:


Sarah Lloyd

Ashgate Publishing

Wey Court East, Union Road

Farnham, Surrey


Series Editor:

Simon Coleman

University of Toronto

Department for the Study of Religion

Room 333 Jackman Humanities Building

170 St George Street

Toronto ON M5R 2M8, Canada