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Australian Association for the Study of Religion (AASR) November Newsletter

The latest JASR issue (Vol. 34 No. 2) has been published with the following articles:

A Tribute to Professor Gary Bouma, MDiv, MA, PhD, AM (1942–2021) by Marion Maddox, Anna Halafoff, Kathleen McPhillips 

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Political Power: Sociopolitical Conditions Underlying the Development of Calvinism by Milan Zafirovski 

The Momo Challenge: Exploring the Emergence of a Major Online Demonic Hoax Zoe Alderton 

The Quakers: LGBTIQ+ Activism and Institutional Cohesion Joshua Boland 

Classification of Theories about the Origin of Religions David Alvargonzález

See here for all articles and book reviews.


ICA Pre-conference Event on The Secular and/or Religious Nature of Technologies: Exploring the Boundaries of Human Communication in a Networked World, 26 May 2022. Abstract deadline: 7 January 2022. More info

Critical Approaches to the Study of Religion Conference, Belfast, Queens University Belfast, 10-13 June 2022. Abstract deadline: 15 January 2022. More info


Call for Papers on ‘Religion and Digital Cultures in Africa & Oceania’. Deadline: 28 Feb 2022.

Call for Papers for a Special Issue on “Between the Opium of the People and the Quest for Salvation: Approaches to Lived Religion in Latin America” on Revista de Estudios Sociales. Deadline: 13 February 2022. 

Call for Papers: 2022 Inaugural IssuesAustralian Journal of Law and Religion. Deadline: 1 March 2022. 

Upcoming Event:

New Constitutionalism and Civil Religion ADI Workshop, 8-9 Dec 2021. Online. More info

New  Politics, Religion and Hope: Theoretical Perspectives. Melbourne 8-10am (Dec 15-16). Online. More info

Members’ Publications:

David W. KIm (2021), “Patriotic Daejongkyo: The New Geopolitical Dangun Religion in Modern Sino-Korean History,” Religiski-filozofiski raksti XXX, 1: 108-134 

Elizabeth Poole and Enqi Weng (2021), ‘Introduction: Religion on an Ordinary Day: An International Study of News Reporting’, Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, 10 (Special Issue), pp. 165-78. [open access] 

Enqi Weng and Anna Halafoff (2021), ‘Religion on an Ordinary News Day in Australia: Hidden Christianity and the Pervasiveness of Lived Religion, Spirituality and the Secular Sacred’Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, 10 (Special Issue), pp. 225-49. 

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