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Australian Association of Buddhist Studies (AABS) – May Seminar

The AABS will be hosting an online seminar via Zoom on 21 May at 6:30pm (Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time). To join the seminar from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, click the following link:

Intention in Karmaphala from the Vaibhāṣika View According to the Eighth and the Ninth Karmapa’s Abhidharmakośa Commentaries

Intention appears to be a significant element in karmaphala (“result of action”) according to Buddhist thought in general, and particularly in many Tibetan traditions. However, in addition to intention, other dimensions of action also deserve attention with regard to their role in a completed action. This talk analyses and compares the significance of intention and other dimension of action from the Abhidharmakośa commentaries of the Eighth and the Ninth Karmapa, masters, who lived in a time of crucial scholarly developments. This talk argues that these aspects are equally important in an action according to the Vaibhāṣika point of view. It shows that––according to those commentators––in Vaibhāṣika thought the actual action and other dimensions of action are indispensable along with intention to complete an action.  

Dorjee Wangdi is a postgraduate researcher (MPhil) in Asian Studies at the University of Sydney. Focusing on karmaphala, he investigates the Karma chapter of the Abhidharmakośa commentaries by two Tibetan scholar-meditators, the Eighth Karmapa Mikyö Dorje and the Ninth Karmapa Wangchug Dorje. Dorjee has completed a Tibetan monastic education similar to a Masters in Buddhist Philosophy, published various translations and acted as teacher at the Royal University of Bhutan.