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Being Muslim in North America and Europe

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Social Compass

“Being Muslim in North America and Europe: Belonging, Adaptations, and Comparisons”

Social Compass invites submissions of articles presenting original, empirical research focusing on North American Islam that incorporates empirical and/or theoretical comparisons between the North American and European contexts. “Islam” is defined here as any person, group or movement that self-identifies as Muslim/Islamic. Submissions will be selected on the basis of how well they both: a) elucidate Islam’s role in the North American religious landscape, and b) incorporate transatlantic comparison(s) in their data/research design or by engaging the scholarly literature on European Islam. Further, articles selected for publication will be evaluated by how well they fit together to form a coherent Special Issue.

The journal will consider a range of topics in the study of North American Islam, and is particularly interested in those issues that are highly salient in both the North American and European contexts. This includes, but is not limited to, issues of integration/assimilation, Muslim participation in national politics, Islamophobia/discrimination, the second-generation, and Islamic organizational life, including mosques, Islamic centers, and religious professionals.

For more than fifty years, Social Compass has provided a unique forum for all scholars concerned with the sociology of religion. Social Compass is a fully peer reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles on the sociology of religion. It aims to reflect the wide variety of research being carried out by sociologists of religion in all countries.

Papers for consideration should be submitted to Christine Soriea Sheikh, Ph.D., who will be guest editing this Special Issue. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically to Electronic submissions should be sent as email attachments in .doc or .docx format. Work submitted for potential inclusion in this Special Issue must be a complete manuscript that adheres to Social Compass’ submission requirements, which are found on the journal’s website:

Deadline for Article Submissions: August 1, 2014.

Editor: Christine Soriea Sheikh, Ph.D.
Contact Information: