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Book Announcement

Please note: this new publication is available in German only.

Heinrich Wilhelm Schäfer: Identität als Netzwerk. Habitus, Sozialstruktur und religiöse Mobilisierung.

Schäfer presents an innovative concept of identity as a network of cognitive, emotional, and bodily dispositions. Based upon praxeological sociology Schäfer develops from an empirical study of religious movements in Guatemala and Nicaragua a concept of identity that encompasses even the strategies of collective and individual actors as well as religious mobilization. The development of this theoretical approach from the ‘empirical scratch’ facilitates to operationalize it as a research method that provides a better understanding of religious and other kinds of collective or individual praxis. The theory of identity and strategy as a network of dispositions of perception, judgment, and action combines perfectly with the project of HabitusAnalysis the first volume of which also has been published recently (