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Book Announcement: From Your Gods to Our Gods

From Your Gods to Our Gods:
A History of Religion in Indian, South African, and British Courts
Cascade Books, 2014

Marco Ventura

Endorsements & Reviews

“As Marco Ventura well understands, the theory and application of law is a reflection of society’s evolution. This is especially true in the English-speaking world where case law is all-important. In the commonwealth countries he has studied, society has grown steadily more multicultural and multireligious, with a gloriously varied and unpredictable set of consequences for the practice of law. Through the prism of law, he has gained some fascinating insights into the deeper social and cultural trends at work in a globalizing world.”
–Bruce Clark, writer on religious affairs, The Economist

“Religion has become an increasingly significant factor in the modern world order. Marco Ventura finds new ways to grasp the nature of this shift. He looks at the complex process of law and law-making in relation to these ‘explosive Gods’ in three very different places: Britain, India, and South Africa. The web of connections that emerges merits the widest possible attention.”
–Grace Davie, Professor of Sociology, University of Exeter

Bio: Marco Ventura is Professor of Law and Religion at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, and at the University of Siena in Italy. He is also associate member of the Centre on Society, Law and
Religion of Strasbourg, France.