Book Announcement: Le religieux sur Internet / Religion on the web

Conference proceeding: Le religieux sur Internet / Religion on the web
English and French versions

English version:
Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet. Vol. 8. 2015…
Le religieux sur Internet / Religion on the Web
Proceedings of the Conference by the French Association for the Social Sciences of Religion

Table of Contents
Fabienne Duteil-Ogata, Isabelle Jonveaux, Liliane Kuczynski, Sophie Nizard

New Funeral Practices in Japan. From the Computer-Tomb to the Online Tomb
Fabienne Duteil-Ogata

Virtuality as a Religious Category? Continuity and Discontinuity Between Online and Offline Catholic Monasteries
Isabelle Jonveaux

At the Helm of the Number One French-language Protestant Network,
Pierre-Yves Kirschleger

Gaia, God, and the Internet – Revisited. The History of Evolution and the Utopia of Community in Media Society
Oliver Krüger

Virtual Religious Meetings, Actual Endogamy … The Growing Success of Affinity Dating Sites
Pascal Lardellier

Going Online and Taking the Plane. From San Francisco to Jerusalem. The Physical and Electronic Networks of “Jewish Mindfulness”
Mira Niculescu

When Virtuality Shapes Social Reality. Fake Cults and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Lionel Obadia