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Book Announcement: Religion, Gender and Citizenship: Women of Faith, Gender Equality and Feminism

New book just published:

Line Nyhagen and Beatrice Halsaa (April 2016). Religion, Gender and Citizenship: Women of Faith, Gender Equality and Feminism. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Through interviews with Christian and Muslim women in Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom, this book explores intersections between religion, citizenship, gender and feminism. How do religious women think about citizenship, and how do they practice citizenship in everyday life? How important is faith in their lives, and how is religion bound up with other identities such as gender and nationality? What are their views on ‘gender equality’, women’s movements and feminism? The answers offered by this book are complex. Religion can be viewed as both a resource and a barrier to women’s participation. The interviewed women talk about citizenship in terms of participation, belonging, love, care, tolerance and respect. Nearly all want gender equality, but many regard such equality as compatible with different roles and spaces for women. Women’s movements are viewed as having made positive contributions to women’s status, but interviewees are also critical of claims related to abortion and

Line Nyhagen is Reader in Sociology at Loughborough University, UK.
Beatrice Halsaa is Professor in Gender Studies at the University of Oslo, UK.


‘… a landmark contribution [and] essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the relation between religion, citizenship and women’s rights and equality in the 21st century’ (Niamh Reilly, NUI Galway, Ireland).

‘This excellent book reveals the complexity of religious women’s lives in Europe and challenges generalisations made about, as well as by, religious women’ (Kristin Aune, Coventry University, UK).

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