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Book Announcement: Religion in Cultures of Citizenship

Religion in Diaspora: Cultures of Citizenship
Edited by Jane Garnett, Sondra L. Hausner
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

This edited collection addresses the relationship between diaspora,
religion and politics in the modern world. It illuminates religious
understandings of citizenship, association and civil society, and
situates them historically within diverse cultures of memory and state
traditions. The contributors include some of the foremost scholars
working in the fields of religion and identity, whose analyses are
grounded in a variety of disciplines and cultural perspectives. Through
wide geographical, historical and religious comparisons, this volume
raises new and timely questions about the conceptual categories and
assumptions used in diaspora studies and in the analysis of
transnational religion. In so doing it engages with religious and
political theory and the intersections between them, illuminating their
articulation in a variety of historical and contemporary practices.


Introduction; Jane Garnett; Sondra L. Hausner


  1. Reconsidering “Diaspora”; Jonathan Boyarin
  2. Biblical Case Studies of Diaspora Jews and Constructions of Religious
    Identity; Jill Middlemas
  3. Historicising diaspora spaces: performing faith, race and place in
    London’s East End; Nazneen Ahmed with Jane Garnett, Ben Gidley, Alana
    Harris and Michael Keith
  4. Remembering the umma in the confines of the nation state; Faiz
    Sheikh; Samantha May


  1. Negotiating Settlement: Senegalese Muslim Immigrants and the Politics
    of Multiple Belongings in New York City; Ousmane Kane
  2. Reconfiguring the Societal Place of Religion in Finland: Islamic
    Communities Move from the Margins to Partner in Civil Society; Tuomas
  3. The Voice(s) of British Sikhs; Jasjit Singh
  4. State level representation versus community cohesion: competing
    influences on Nepali religious associations in the UK; Florence Gurung


  1. The Veiling of Religious Markers in the Sahrawi Diaspora; Elena
  2. ‘Islam is not a Culture’: Reshaping a Muslim Public for a Secular
    World; Katherine Pratt Ewing
  3. Hope, Margin, Example: The Kimbanguist Diaspora in Lisbon; Ramon Sarró
  4. Green Books, Blue Books, and Buddhism as Symbols of Belonging in the
    Tibetan Diaspora: Towards an Anthropology of Fictive Citizenship;
    Abraham Zablocki
    Afterword; Jane Garnett; Sondra L. Hausner

About the authors

Jane Garnett is a Fellow of Wadham College and Associate Professor in
the History Faculty, University of Oxford, United Kingdom. She works on
intellectual, cultural and religious history, predominantly since the
nineteenth century, including the study of gender and visual culture
over wider periods. She is a member of the Oxford Diasporas Programme
(2011-15), a major collaborative and interdisciplinary project funded by
the Leverhulme Trust.

Sondra L. Hausner is Associate Professor in the Study of Religion, and
Fellow and Tutor at St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford, United
Kingdom. She specializes in the religions of South Asia, and has
published widely on the dynamics of migrant identity, as well as on
classical themes in religion – ascetic discipline, ritual practice,
gender, and Durkheimian sociology – that consider movement in space.