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New Book: Who is Afraid of the Holy Ghost?

Who is Afraid of the Holy Ghost? Pentecostalism and Globalization in Africa and Beyond
Edited by Afe Adogame

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    Afe Adogame
  • Globalization and Religion: Some Preliminary Questions
    Ulrich Berner
  • Viewing a masquerade from different spots? Conceptual Reflections on the ‘Globalization’ and ‘Pentecostalism’ discourses
    Afe Adogame & Asonzeh Ukah
  • Globalization, Fundamentalism and the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement in Nigeria
    Umar Danfulani
  • Globalization and African Immigrant Communities in America
    Jacob Olupona
  • Who is afraid of the Holy Ghost? Presbyterians and Early Charismatic Movement in Nigeria 1966-1975
    Ogbu Kalu
  • Is Satan Local or Global? Reflections on a Nigerian Deliverance Movement
    Rosalind Hackett
  • Globalization and Independent Pentecostals in Africa: A South African Perspective
    Allan Anderson
  • New Pentecostal Churches and Prosperity Theology in Nigeria
    Deji Ayegboyin
  • Globalization, Politicization of Religion and Religious Networking: The Case of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria
    Dapo Asaju
  • Female Religious Leadership in Nigerian Pentecostalism: Embers or Gale?
    Bolaji Bateye
  • Online for God: Media Negotiation and African New Religious Movements
    Afe Adogame
  • Fused Sounds: Global Influences in Zimbabwe Gospel Music
    Ezra Chitando