Book Announcements: Divorce in Transnational Families. Marriage, Migration and Family law

Divorce in Transnational Families. Marriage, Migration and Family Law 
Dr. Iris Sportel
This book uniquely focuses on the role of family law in transnational marriages.
The author demonstrates how family law is of critical importance in understanding transnational family life. Based on extensive field research in Morocco, Egypt and the
Netherlands, the book examines how, during marriage and divorce, transnational families
deal with the interactions of two different legal systems. Sportel studies the interactions
of European and Islamic family law, addressing its interconnections with migration and
everyday life, within the context of highly politicised debates on gender, Islam, migration
and the family.
The book will be of interest to scholars and students of family sociology, migration and
diaspora studies, transnational families, family law, and sociology of law.