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Call for Chapter: “Youths in Contemporary Global Order”

The Youths in Contemporary Global Order: Exclusions, Ramifications and Pathways

Expected Year of Publication: 2022

The remit of this book is examination of existentialities of youths within current global arrangements to practically engage issues around realities of youth’s exclusion, the complex consequences of the exclusion and sustainable pathways out of the trajectories of youth exclusion. This book intends to addresses issues around youths from a global perspective. Issues to be addressed in this book are as tangents of existential exclusion of the youths from the mainframe of the current global order around the world.

Researches, experiences and observations of over two decades have proven how youths, as a category, struggle to survive and be relevant within current global systemic and institutional arrangements. Youths in contemporary world appear trapped, strategically excluded and helplessly frustrated by the main supposedly supportive institutional frameworks of society. This current situation relative to the youths across the world is a major existential and generational problem.

Yet, there are no enough works in Sociology of Youths on this area of youths and social/institutional exclusion around the world. Intellectual works are particularly lacking on relevant and specific existential issues that confront the youths, how the issues affect the youths, their bearing with exclusion and the pathways out of these issues. This book will fill important gaps on youth’s existentialities from global perspectives. The issues engaged in this book are addressed from practical, pragmatic intellectual and policy perspectives.

This book will provide original materials, literature and data that are currently unavailable. This book will be cuing edge and innovative as a major contribution to knowledge.

About The Editor
Ọláyínká Àkànle (PhD),
Department of Sociology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria & Research Associate, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

How To Submit Your Abstract/Chapter
Interested authors/contributors should please send abstracts and full papers as email attachments to (with copies to, Chapter preparation format is Time New Romans 12 single line spacing. Abstract should be about 150 words and full chapter should be 5,000 and 7, 000 words.

The deadline for submission of abstract is 30th April, 2021. It is however noteworthy that review and acceptance will be on rolling and continuous basis. Once sufficient excellent chapters are received on proposed themes/topics (above), no more chapters will be received/accepted on the themes/chapters. Abstracts and chapters should normally include proposed title of chapters, name/s, functional email addresses and institutional affiliations of author/s. Submission of abstracts and full chapters are now open.