Call for Chapters – Global Perspectives on Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

Dear Colleagues,


Currently, I am in the process of editing “Global Perspectives on Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage” which will be published by the American publisher IGI Global ( and is scheduled for release in 2017.


I am delighted to invite you to consider submitting a chapter for the book.


The main objective of this book is to add to the limited accumulated knowledge in the field of religious tourism through providing readers with information on the international perspectives as well as the most current religious tourism practices used in both developed and developing countries. The book will also raise the level of awareness on the main studies carried out in the field of religious tourism and their corresponding findings. As a result, the book will help researchers and scholars in the field of religious tourism to have a clearer view towards this concept that in turn will contribute to the related accumulated knowledge in the field. The book aims to cover all related international perspectives on religious tourism (to include perspectives on Islamic Tourism as well as Christian Tourism, Hindu Tourism, Buddhist Tourism, Jewish Tourism, etc.,).


Chapters may focus on theoretical or conceptual research, empirical full-scale research, case studies, and/or best-practices-related or applied religious tourism activities in developed and developing countries. Recommended potential topics to be included in this book are (but not limited to) the following potential topics:

o   Religious Tourism

o   Pilgrimage

o   Islamic Tourism

o   Christian Tourism

o   Hindu Tourism

o   Buddhist Tourism

o   Jewish Tourism

o   Religious Tourism Trends,

o   Religious Tourism Practices

o   Religious Tourism Customers Behaviour

o   Religious Tourism Challenges

o   Religious Tourism Opportunities

o   Religious Tourism Concepts

o   Religious Tourism Destinations

o   Religious Tourism Firms

o   Religious Tourism Tools

o   International Perspectives of Religious Tourism



All the needed information regarding the book can be found on the following link:


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before April 15, 2016, a chapter proposal clearly explaining the mission and concerns of the proposed chapter, including a summary, preliminary outline, and explanation of the main contribution the chapter will make. Chapters’ proposals can be submitted online through the following link:


Your kind professional involvement will greatly benefit the success of the book.


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Professor Hatem El-Gohary

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