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Call for Manuscripts: Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion



Volume 9: The Changing Faces of Catholicism
Forthcoming 2018

Edited by:

Solange Lefebvre (Université de Montréal, Canada) and
Alfonso Pérez-Agote (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)

Catholicism represents an important area of research in sociology as
well as across a number of disciplines. As literature on Catholicism
in certain contexts substantially expands, there still remains the
need for recent qualitative and quantitative data in specific national
contexts via a comparative perspective. In the discussion on
secularism and diversity, there exist open questions on the way
culture, heritage, and religion intersect or differentiate (political
regulation of diversity). Law, education, religious heritage,
chaplaincies, collaborations between state and civil society—these are
just a few areas of social life where these dimensions are rapidly
changing. The relation between Catholicism and the media poses a
number of questions as well.
As a global religion, with the pope being a religious leader as well
as a head of state of the Vatican, Catholicism has developed,
especially since the 1980s, a new way of conducting diplomatic
relations and interfering with national and international policies.
Pope Francis’ papacy is revealing a divided Church on many matters,
globally and at the Curia, between the centre and the local Churches.
Catholic leaders have been involved in many contentious debates on
sexuality and gender, with different legal, social, and religious
impacts (biopolitics). Transnational networks and religious mobility
are creating new forms of popular religion and Catholic movements.

To explore these issues we propose to include articles around the
following themes:
1. Catholicism and culture
2. Catholicism and media
3. Catholicism and international relations
4. Transnational practices, movements, and popular religion
5. Catholicism, gender, sexuality, and biopolitics
6. Catholicism, public policies, and institutions
7. Catholicism and other religions

The editors will seek out contributors who can address questions
raised in the sociology of religion about Catholicism with authors
representing regional and cultural variation.

Please send all proposals (300 words) to

Submission of proposals: June 30, 2016
Notification of acceptance: September 30, 2016
Completed manuscripts (7,000 words): June 30, 2017