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Call for Papers



Forthcoming 2015

Volume 6: Religion and Internet

Edited by

Enzo Pace (University of Padua), Göran Larsson and Daniel Enstedt (University of Göteborg)

The issue Religion and Internet focuses on the current state of research. In particular, it provides on one hand a comprehensive overview of the different approaches and theoretical perspectives confronted in studying religion online, and on the other, a selection of research reports concerning both traditional religions and so-called predominantly online religion. The first goal is not only to reflect on the progress of theoretical and empirical studies, but also and especially to what extend common themes, languages, and methodological tools are sharing by scholars as well as persisting problems related the structural ambivalence of the object between religion and communication, reality and virtuality, great religious traditions and innovation, which sometimes reach paradoxical extremes. The second goal is to explore the nexus between information and communication technologies, and religion, and, more precisely, how both religious organizations and individuals make use of new technologies with regard to religion.

A preliminary list of issues:

  • Religious information and communication (computer assisted): theoretical perspectives

  • Online religion, rituals and worships

  • Monasteries online (Christian, Buddhist, Hindu ….)

  • Online religious communities

  • The new frontier of the missionary’s activities

  • Reconstruction of the religious identity in the cyber-religion

  • Methodology issues

  • New and old paradigms studying religion in the cyberspace

  • Comparative studies of religion in the cyberspace

  • Religious conflicts in the web

  • Real and virtual religious authority

  • Net-sect and net-church

  • Religion, information and communication new technologies.

Please send all proposals (300 words) to Enzo Pace: vincenzo.pace


Submission of proposals: December 15, 2013

Notification of acceptance: January 15, 2014

Completed manuscripts (7,000 words): July 15, 2014