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Call for Papers A conference on "Spirituality, Theology, Education"

20 – 22 September 2018. Pretoria, South Africa

University of South Africa (Main campus = Lukasrand campus)

The discipline of Christian Spirituality at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and the Department of Systematic and Practical Theology, University of Latvia, invite proposals for a third international conference in the series: “Spirituality, Theology, Education”. The intention of the conference is to facilitate a wider inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural forum where researchers, scholars and others engaged in the study and practice of spirituality in diverse disciplines can:

• share and debate their research;
• draw comparative perspectives and insights from different cultures;
• incorporate different forms of writing and expressions of spirituality;
• explore new methodological approaches; and
• identify new agendas for research into spirituality.

These may include ways in which spirituality can be taught, or asking why it is we sometimes allow our critical faculties to be diluted when working with spirituality.

To this end, the conference welcomes contributions that will critically examine spirituality in the following disciplines:
• Christian Spirituality
• Music and Spirituality
• Law and Spirituality
• Religion and Spirituality
• Biblical Spirituality
• Anthropology and Spirituality
• Sociology and Spirituality
• Psychology and Spirituality
• Primary Spiritualities
• Contextuality and Spirituality