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Call for Papers: “Nature and Religion”

Twentieth Postgraduate Religion and Theology Conference
Theme: ‘Nature and Religion’
University of Bristol

Keynote speaker: Professor Peter Hampson
Research Fellow, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University
13-14 March 2015

The relationship existing between religion and nature manifests itself in numerous ways in nearly all religions. Throughout the centuries, thinking about nature has been perceived both as extremely supportive of and also profoundly damaging to religious belief. This year’s postgraduate conference invites papers exploring all aspects of the theme of nature, including environmental (papers on things such as climate change, food chains), biological (animal welfare, bio-ethics), philosophical and theological subjects (creation-evolution debate, the nature-grace dichotomy), historical (mythical and monstrous animals, the black plague), scriptural (the use of natural metaphors in scripture and  preaching), ethical issues (themes of environmental sustainability, categories of beings/animals, the question of the status of nonhuman beings), inter-personal relationships (gender and sexuality), esoteric, gnostic, and new-age spirituality and the occult, natural religions, issues associated with ontology, hamartiology, anthropology, physics, astronomy and history, politics and sociological issues. We invite papers on these and a myriad of other topics related to religion and nature. All religious topics and religions: Buddhist, Hindu, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Druidism, Rosicrucianism, Bahaism, Shamanism, Atheism, etc will be given equal consideration. As always, papers will
also be accepted on all subjects related to religion and theology.

We welcome paper submissions now!

We will make a proper website to receive papers soon, but in the meantime please send paper proposals to: Dr Jon Balserak at: