Call for Papers: Parenthood in Transition: Borderlands, Transnational Mobility and Welfare Society in the Nordic Countries

We invite interested researchers to submit an abstract for an edited book concerning transitions and change connected to parenthood inside and across the Nordic borders at a historical time when the ideal of free movement across borders in the Nordic countries has been dismantled. The book ties in discussions on transnational parenthood of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers as well as minority parenthood of the indigenous Sámi communities living in the Arctic transnational area of Sápmi. The book also concerns transitions in the Finnish and European Roma families, lives of families living on both sides of Finnish and Norwegian border with Russia, and ‘old migrants’ such as Finns in Sweden. The book will analyse parenthood from two perspectives: 1. How do welfare state and its services construct norms for respectable parenthood and shape the ways in which parenthood is enacted? 2. How do minority parents themselves negotiate the meanings and requirements attached to parenthood and organize their transnational everyday lives?

The economic crisis has created tensions for the modern welfare state, which has been the center of Nordic policies since the late 1970s. The current restructuring of the welfare state has been guided by neoliberal policies and has thus resulted to growing social exclusion and uncertainty. This reform may have consequences for the service provision for newly arrived migrants. Nordic countries are often perceived as being the examples of successful equality policies and outsiders in colonial processes. However, in this book, it is understood that Nordic countries continue to take part in processes of othering and the values of equality can be used to build up narratives, which exclude those who do not fit into these ideals. This can result in processes of racialization being denied and made invisible. This kind of welfare state nationalism is typical in Nordic countries, and it shapes the ways in which racism and stigmatization occur. Racialized and ethicized parents’ everyday encounters with welfare services such as in social work, daycare, schools, and healthcare can also be influenced by these discourses. Furthermore, despite the similarities, Nordic countries are also very different in terms of migration histories, policies and societal discourses on migrants.

We seek chapters that will provide unique perspectives to the discussions of Nordic minority parenthood.  As the aim is to include a number of chapters that provide comparative analysis between different countries, we also encourage scholars to co-author articles with colleagues whose research focuses on another Nordic country. As editors we may also match abstracts on similar subjects to create Nordic co-authoring partners. Please let us know if you are ready for joint writing with another Nordic author.

Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract proposal on or before 15th of September 2017, together with:
• Name, institutional details and contact information
• Short bio note with the most relevant publications
• Title of proposed chapter
• Abstract of 300–500 words, detailing (in this specific order):research question(s), theory/concepts, data, methods, and expected results
A note on the possibility for joint writing based on the editors’ suggestions

Abstracts should be sent to: johanna.hiitola[at]

Authors will be notified by the editors by 15th of October about further steps. Funding will be applied to arrange a meeting with the authors, where draft chapters will be discussed.

Full chapter (7000-8000 words) submissions by September 15, 2018.

Routledge is tentatively interested in publishing the edited volume.All manuscripts undergo both editorial review process and a peerreview process.

Dr. Kati Turtiainen, Social Work (University of Jyväskylä, Kokkola 
University Consortium Chydenius, Finland)
Dr. Johanna Hiitola, Gender Studies/Social Work (University of 
Jyväskylä, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Finland)
Dr. Marja Tiilikainen (Migration Institute of Finland)
Dr. Sabine Gruber, Social Work (Linköping University, Sweden)

Johanna Hiitola (johanna.hiitola[at]