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Call for Papers: “Religion and Public Institutions: New Practices and Religious-Secular Dynamics”

Call for Papers:

In the frame of the 33rd ISSR conference to be hold in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), from 2-5 July 2015 we launch a call for papers for Session STS 21.

Religion and Public Institutions: New Practices and Religious-Secular Dynamics

Public institutions are crucial sites for exploring the changing role of religion in contemporary societies. One the one hand, they serve as windows to observe the practical, social and political implications of the current global transformations of the religious-secular dynamics. Public institutions reflect in miniature the challenges raised by the growing religious vitality and variety in the public sphere. On the other hand, they gain relevance as strategic places where the religious field and its boundaries are being reshaped. In this regard, the increasing presence of ‘holistic spiritualities’ in public institutions such as prisons or hospitals evidences the blurring nature of traditional boundaries and foster new practic es at the limit of the secular. Moreover, the micro processes of negotiation, contestation and accommodation of religious claims within these institutions contribute to redefine the role of historical churches and religious minorities in current societies.This panel aims to bring together researchers studying the role of religion in public institutions such as—but not restricted to—hospitals, prisons or schools. We particularly welcome papers with strong empirical foundations and those taking a cross-instiutional or cross-country comparative approach.
We invite paper proposals related to this topic to be submitted no later than December, 15th 2014. Proposals should use the online form (

For any information, please contact us via e-mail:

Irene BECCI (UNIL– Université de Lausanne, Switzerland:
Mar GRIERA (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain:
Lene KÜHLE (Aarhus University, Denmark: