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Call for Papers: “Reshaping the secular in religious superdiverse societies”

Call for abstracts

The 34th Conference of 

International Society for the Sociology of Religion (ISSR/SISR)

Lausanne, Switzerlands,  4-7 July 2016.

STS #2
Convener(s) Irene Becci, Marian Burchardt, Mariachiara Giorda
Title Reshaping the secular in religious superdiverse societies
The notion of religious super-diversity is based on a large understanding of religious diversity, including the set of practices and discourses labelled as spiritual. Looking at the factor of religion as a hologram, one can realize that it inflects all other status variables. There is indeed a situation of religious super-diversity in current societies and religion itself contains diversity in terms of gender, age, network relations, cultural identities and so on. Analyses of such formations of religious diversity also need to consider how the secular is redefined. Is it a normative horizon to which one grasps when it comes to gender conflicts, morality, rights, ethics, or a technical context crystallized in formal institutional agreements? This panel explores how religious expressions are linked to ethnicity, gender, age and sexuality and how these linkages play out in and affect secular contexts. We invite papers dealing with religious super-diversity on the one hand and particularly that question and reflect on the ways the secular comes in and its role in possible conflicts or convivialities. We particularly invite papers based on empirical research.

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