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Call for Papers: SISR/ISSR Conference “Religion, Cooperation, and Conflict in Diverse Societies” (Lausanne, Switzerland, 4-7 July 2017)

The online facility for submitting paper proposals for the ISSR Conference “Religion, Cooperation, and Conflict in Diverse Societies” (Lausanne, Switzerland, 4-7 July 2017) is now open and available at this link:

There, you can find a document describing the sessions (list of titles below).   Please have a look and decide to which session you would like to submit your paper. When submitting the paper, please use the same link and the online form. The proposal (title and abstract up to 250 words) should be only in one language – English or French – in which you would like to present your paper.  Please note that you can submit only one paper proposal!

The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 10 January 2017.

For more information on the conference:

List of Session Titles:

STS #1
Convener(s) Jörg Stolz, David Voas, Pierre Bréchon
Religiosity : Analysis of international and national quantitative surveys

STS #2
Convener(s) Irene Becci, Marian Burchardt, Mariachiara Giorda
Reshaping the secular in religious superdiverse societies

STS #3
Convener(s) Géraldine Mossière, Christophe Monnot
Conversion and socio-political commitment

STS #4
Convener(s) Pascal Tanner
Diversity within Non-Religion

STS #5
Convener(s) Jens Koehrsen, Alexandre Grandjean
Turning «green»: When religious actors get involved in sustainability agendas

STS #6
Convener(s) Roberto Cipriani
 Homosexuality and religion

STS #7
Convener(s) Sarah-Jane Page, Anna Halafoff
Global Flows of Contemporary Buddhism

STS #8
Convener(s) Stéphanie Tremblay, Marie-Andrée Roy
Religious Diversity: Between the Majority Perceptions and Strategies of Religious Groups

STS #9
Convener(s) Kati Tervo-Niemelä
Religion and non-religion across generations

STS #10
Convener(s) Roberto M.C. Motta, Claude Ravelet, Léa Freitas Perez
Religious and Cultural Syncretism, Interpenetration, Fundamentalism, Intolerance, and Conflict in Brazil, France and Elsewhere: Comparative Views

STS #11
Convener(s) Sylvie Poirier, Françoise Dussart
Indigenous Contemporary Religiosities. Between Solidarity, Contestation, Convergence and Renewal

STS #12
Convener(s) Audrey Lim
Religion’s use of social media in society

STS #13
Convener(s) Yaghoob Foroutan
Muslims in the West: Patterns and Differentials

STS #14
Convener(s) Mina Shojaee, Yaghoob Foroutan
Gender and Religion: Correlates and Causes

STS #15
Convener(s) David Lehmann
Religion of the others : mimicry and ritual reworking

STS #16 Abstract
Convener(s) Mark R. Mullins
Neo-nationalism, Politics, and Religion in the Public Sphere in Japan and East Asia

STS #17
Convener(s) Gang-Hua Fan
Religiosity and Subjective Well-Being

STS #18
Convener(s) Wei-hsian Chi, Yoshihide Sakurai
Media and Religion in East Asia

STS #19
Convener(s) Julia Martínez-Ariño
Governing religious diversity and conflict in the city

STS #20
Convener(s) Cristina Rocha, Paul Freston, Kathleen Openshaw
Global Pentecostal Charismatic Christianities

STS #21
Convener(s) Norihito Takahashi, Tatsuya Shirahase
The Multicultural Engagement of Religious Organisations in the East Asian Context

STS #22
Convener(s) Elisabeth Arweck
Young People’s Attitudes to Religious Diversity

STS #23
Convener(s) Philip Hughes
Pentecostalism, cooperation and conflict in diverse societies

STS #24
Convener(s) Tadaatsu Tajima, Yu-shuang Yao
Title New Religious Movements and Established Religions vs. Globalisation/Glocalisation in the Asia Context

STS #25
Convener(s) Magdalena Nordin, Lene Kühle
Title Religion in public institutions

STS #26
Convener(s) Nonka Bogomilova Todorova
“God’s Chosen Nation”: A Mythological Construct and Conflict-generating Potential

STS #27
Convener(s) Mia Lövheim
Media and Religious Diversity; conflict and cooperation

STS #28
Convener(s) Elisabeth Arweck
Religious Socialisation and Education: Ways to Promote Co-operation and Reduce Conflict in Diverse Societies?

STS #29
Convener(s) Zoran Matevski
Faith Communities and Religious Groups and the Principle of Religious Tolerance within South-Eastern Europe

STS #30
Convener(s) Elena Lisovskaya
Towards a sociology of the icon and iconography

STS #31
Convener(s) Conrad Hackett
Religion and educational attainment around the world

STS #32
Convener(s) Conrad Hackett
Opportunities and Challenges in Studying Asian Religions

STS #33
Convener(s) Kees de Groot
Religion in Prison

STS #34
Convener(s) Michele Dillon
Post-secular Catholicism

STS #35
Convener(s) Vyacheslav Karpov
Title Secularizations and Counter-secularizations: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives.

STS #36
Convener(s) Giuseppe Giordan, Siniša Zrinščak
Religions and Human Rights

STS #37
Convener(s) Yoshihide Sakurai, Kikuko Hirahuji
Religious Research and Religious Education in Contemporary Asia-Pacific Regions

STS #38
Convener(s) Heiner Meulemann
Celebration of life course transitions: A cultural residuum of religion after secularization

STS #39
Convener(s) Roberto Cipriani
Diffused Religion. Beyond secularization

STS #40
Convener(s) Torkel Brekke
Love thy neighbour? The roles of Christianity in shaping attitudes and policies to Muslim immigrants in Europe

STS #41
Convener(s) Victor Roudometof
The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Churches

STS #42
Convener(s) Joëlle Allouche-Benayoun
Judaism, judaicities. Mutations and evolutions of the contemporary jewish world

STS #43
Convener(s) Suzana Ramos Coutinho
Migration, Religion and Identity

STS #44
Convener(s) Dorota Hall, Dinka Marinović Jerolimov
“Refugee crisis” in Central and Eastern Europe

STS #45
Convener(s) Juliette Galonnier
Muslims and Race in Europe

STS #46
Convener(s) Vivarelli Clementine, Massignon Bérengère
Atheisms and religions in conflict ? Beliefs, paths, organisations

STS #47
Convener(s) Robert Dixon
Current Concerns in Parish and Congregational Research

STS #48
Convener(s) Pål Ketil Botvar, Ann Kristin Gresaker
Religion and humor – negotiation and conflict

STS #49
Convener(s) Irena Borowik, Katarzyna Zielinska
Religion in the public sphere: social discourses on biopolitics

STS #50
Convener(s) Frank Usarski, Edin Sued Abumanssur
Cooperation and conflicts among Latin American Religions

STS #51
Convener(s) Yannick Fer, Véronique Altglas, Hicham Benaissa, Juliette Galonnier, Gwendoline Malogne-Fer
Agenda for a Critical Sociology of Religion: subjective experience and social determinants

STS #52
Convener(s) Antonius Liedhegener, Anastas Odermatt, Conrad Hackett
Contested Religious Belonging in Europe. Measuring Old Traditions and New Identities in Comparative Perspective

STS #53
Convener(s) Anna Halafoff, Gary Bouma, Elisabeth Arweck
Worldviews of Millennials: Education, Social Inclusion and Countering Violent Extremism

STS #54
Convener(s) Louis Audet Gosselin
Title Media and Religious Radicalization: Gatekeeping and the Construction of Extremism

STS #55
Convener(s) Olaf Glöckner, Karine Michel
Conflicts, cooperation and completion among Jewish religious groups worldwide

STS #56
Convener(s) Andrea Rota, Rafael Walthert
Religious communities: Between public participation and internal tension

STS #57
Convener(s) Effie Fokas, Alexia Mitsikostas
The European Court of Human Rights at the Grassroots Level: exploring the Court’s role in governing religion-related tensions on the ground

STS #58
Convener(s) Heinrich W. Schäfer, Jens Koehrsen, Cecilia A Delgado-Molina
Religion and Social Inequality: Empirical Insights and Theoretical Reflections

STS #59
Convener(s) Rodrigo Toniol, Brenda Poveda Carranza, Mari Sol Garcia Somoza
Body, Politics and Religion. Theoretical approach, methodological articulations and ethnographic studies in Latin America

STS #60
Convener(s) Ludovic Bertina, Anahita Grisoni, Jean Chamel, Mathieu Gervais, Luis Martinez Andrade
Ecology, religions and spiritualities: from socio-environmental conflicts to cosmopolitcs

STS #61
Convener(s) Leni Franken, Sivane Hirsch
Religion and education in contemporary plural societies: a matter of neutrality?

STS #62
Convener(s) Titus Hjelm, James V. Spickard
Social Theory and Religion

STS #63
Convener(s) Inger Furseth
Religious Radicalism and Extremism

STS #64
Convener(s) Thea D. Boldt, Hubert Knoblauch
Religion as Communication: Materiality, Mediatization and Objectivation

STS #65
Convener(s) Uta Karstein, Thomas Schmidt-Lux
Architecture as a Medium of Religious Conflicts

STS #66
Convener(s) Carlo Nardella
Pope Francis and the Crisis

STS #67
Convener(s) Sara Teinturier, Sarah Scholl, Sivane Hirsch
Schools and religions : methodological challenges

STS #68
Convener(s) Anne Lancien
“Laicity”: an answer to conflicts in diverse societies?

STS #69
Convener(s) Igor Bahovec
Thomas Luckmann, Religion and Society: 50 Years of The Invisible Religion

NRF #1
Convener(s) Carolina Falcão
Thinking of religion, a multidisciplinary exercise