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Call-for-Reading: [Religions] Special Issue “Religion, Power, and Resistance: New Ideas for a Divided World”

The following Special Issue has been published in the open access journal Religions (ISSN 2077-1444) with members of ISA RC22.

“Religion, Power, and Resistance: New Ideas for a Divided World”
Guest Editor(s): Anna Halafoff, Sam Han, Caroline Starkey, James Spickard.

All articles can be accessed freely online. For your convenience, we attach
below a consolidated table of contents.

Spickard, J.V. The Sociology of Religion in a Post-Colonial Era: Towards
Theoretical Reflexivity. Religions 2019, 10(1), 18;
Views: 1051, Downloads: 1379, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 0

Settler, F. Curating Violence: Reflecting on Race and Religion in Campaigns
for Decolonizing the University in South Africa. Religions 2019, 10(5), 310;
Views: 684, Downloads: 948, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 0

Woo, T.-L.T. A Flexible Indeterminate Theory of Religion: Thinking through
Chinese Religious Phenomena. Religions 2019, 10(7), 428;
Views: 658, Downloads: 783, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 0

Cazarin, R. The Social Architecture of Belonging in the African Pentecostal
Diaspora. Religions 2019, 10(7), 440;
Views: 855, Downloads: 911, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 14

Beyer, P.; Beaman, L.G. Dimensions of Diversity: Toward a More Complex
Conceptualization. Religions 2019, 10(10), 559;
Views: 534, Downloads: 744, Citations: 1, Altmetrics: 0

Parker, C. Popular Religions and Multiple Modernities: A Framework for
Understanding Current Religious Transformations. Religions 2019, 10(10), 565;
Views: 515, Downloads: 789, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 0

Clot-Garrell, A.; Griera, M. Beyond Narcissism: Towards an Analysis of the
Public, Political and Collective Forms of Contemporary Spirituality.
Religions 2019, 10(10), 579;
Views: 525, Downloads: 568, Citations: 1, Altmetrics: 11

Okyerefo, M.P.K. Scrambling for the Centre: Ghana’s New Churches as an
Alternative Ideology and Power. Religions 2019, 10(12), 668;
Views: 506, Downloads: 1453, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 0

Godazgar, H. From ‘Islamism’ to ‘Spiritualism’? The Individualization
of ‘Religion’ in Contemporary Iran. Religions 2020, 11(1), 32;
Views: 468, Downloads: 500, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 0

Nixon, A.G. ‘Non-Religion’ as Part of the ‘Religion’ Category in
International Human Rights. Religions 2020, 11(2), 79;
Views: 484, Downloads: 906, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 5

Halafoff, A.; Shipley, H.; Young, P.D.; Singleton, A.; Rasmussen, M.L.;
Bouma, G. Complex, Critical and Caring: Young People’s Diverse Religious,
Spiritual and Non-Religious Worldviews in Australia and Canada. Religions
2020, 11(4), 166;
Views: 479, Downloads: 334, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 2

Halafoff, A.; Han, S.; Starkey, C.; Spickard, J.V. Introduction to the
Special Issue: Religion, Power, and Resistance: New Ideas for a Divided
World. Religions 2020, 11(6), 306;
Views: 109, Downloads: 46, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 0