Call for Special Issue – Islam in the 21st Century: Challenges & Opportunities for Social Work with Muslims


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Spirituality and Social Work

Call for Special Issue

Guest Editor, Altaf Husain, PhD, Howard University School of Social Work
Deadline: June 15, 2016

This special issue aims to fill the gaps in the existing literature on social work education, practice and research with Muslims, with a particular focus on the examination of issues of social justice and Islam, and the concomitant impact of Islamic teachings on the development of policy and the delivery of social services. The special issue is intended to allow prospective authors the latitude to delve deeper into the role of Islam in the daily lives of potential clients and in the healthy functioning of organizations and communities.

Conceptual, research-based, and practice-oriented articles are being solicited in these four broad areas:
1. Islamic beliefs and values;
2. Micro direct practice;
3. Macro direct practice; and
4. Best practices in serving Muslim clients, organizations and communities.

Guiding questions to assist with the development of original manuscripts include:

• What does the Islamic philosophy of social work look like? Is there such a philosophy?
• What are the key Islamic beliefs and values which are central to ensuring spiritual competence among social work professionals working with Muslim clients?
How does the Islamic belief system align with the values and ethics of the social work profession?
• How are mental health and psychosocial wellbeing defined, interpreted and addressed according to the Islamic teachings?
How has anti-Islamic bigotry impacted individuals and communities?
• How is community defined and what unique principles of community organizing and development can be discerned from the Islamic tradition?
What best practices have emerged within social work education, practice and research with the Muslim population?

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The Development of a Concept Map for Understanding Spiritual Integration in Evangelically Based Social Service Organizations, John Ridings

PARTIAL ABSTRACT: The role that spirituality and religion play in the delivery of social services in faith-based organizations is a relative unknown. Specifically, what remain missing are well-defined operational indicators that cover the continuum of spiritual integration. This article describes results from a study using concept mapping to create a conceptual model of spiritual integration for The Salvation Army in Chicago. . . . This research presents a conceptualization of spiritual integration and identifies the constituent domains. Findings may help focus programmatic and research efforts, leading to the development of measures that open the field for further research and theory generation.

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