Call for Topical Issues: Open Theology vol. 2017

Call for proposals

for upcoming TOPICAL ISSUES

in the Open Theology journal vol. 2017

Open Theology journal ( invites groups of researchers, conference organizers etc. to submit their proposals of edited volumes to be considered as topical issues for vol. 2017.

Open Theology is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal that welcomes contributions addressing religion in its various forms and aspects: historical, theological, sociological, psychological, and other. The journal encompasses all major disciplines of Theology and Religious Studies, presenting doctrine, history, organization and everyday life of various types of religious groups and the relations between them. We publish articles from the field of Theology as well as Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology of Religion, and also dialogue between Religion and Science.



Our past topical issues included:


  • Violence of Non-Violence (ed. Michael Jerryson and Margo Kitts)
  • Manichaeism – New Historical and Philological Studies (ed. John C. Reeves)

  • In Search of a Contemporary World View: Contrasting Thomistic and Whiteheadian Approaches (ed. Joseph Bracken)

  • Science and/or Religion: a 21st Century Debate (ed. Shiva Khalili and Fraser Watts)


  • Cognitive Science of Religion (ed. Jason Marsh)
  • Is Transreligious Theology Possible? (ed. Jerry L. Martin)


    All are available, free access, at:


    Uncoming titles (2016):

    • Is Transreligious Theology Possible? (ed. Jerry L. Martin)
  • Psychotherapy and Religious Values (ed. P. Scott Richards)

  • Bible Translation (ed. Mark L. Strauss)

  • Religious Recognition (ed. Heikki Koskinen, Ritva Palmen and Risto Saarinen)



    Proposals may be submitted by completing the Topical Issue Proposal Form available at and forwarding them to Managing Editor Dr. Katarzyna Tempczyk at

    Proposals received by 31 October 2016 may qualify for special publication offers.

    For futher details, please contact Dr. Katarzyna Tempczyk at