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Call for Manuscripts: Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, Volume 14 (Forthcoming 2023)

Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, Volume 14 (Forthcoming 2023)

The Sociology of Yoga, Meditation, and Asian Asceticism

Edited by Lionel Obadia (University of Lyon 2) and Enzo Pace (University of Padova)

The irresistible yet unexpected diffusion at a global scale and appropriation of yoga, meditation and ascetic practices are undoubtedly key features of the changing landscape of religion at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. It comes under a variety of forms, from traditional and community-based ritualized practices to individualized and secularized techniques of well-being. These techniques have infused first alternative religiosities and finally mainstream religions, beyond all geographic, social and cultural boundaries, and affected them more or less deeply. The ascetic techniques definitely lie in the heart of the “spiritual revolution” described by Heelas and Woodhead in the mid-2000s, and the “spiritual turn” operating in religious studies in parallel.

For the moment, research devoted to yoga, meditation, and introspective bodily techniques have mainly been conducted in the domain of psychology and mind sciences, history and cultural areas. Sociological approaches remain scarce and disseminated. Yet, since Weber’s pioneering works, asceticism is far from being unknown in sociology. This special issue aims at mapping the empirical forms of yoga, meditation and introspective techniques expanding worldwide; exploring new conceptual and methodological discussions in sociology of religions; questioning the possibility to circumscribe a specific sub-field in the sociology of religions, devoted to modern Asian-inspired ascetic practices.

Topics might include, but are by no means limited to:  
– the role of new technologies in the diffusion and transformation of yoga and meditation
– the impacts of meditative and introspective techniques on representations and uses of the body in modernity
– the role of orientalism and eastern imagination in the transformation of religious practices, beliefs, and religious systems
– sociological variations among users (class, gender, regions, cultural backgrounds…)
– moral and symbolic economies of well-being and spirituality in relation to ascetic techniques
– impacts on the conception of religion, adherence, commitment and other dimensions of religious life
– transformations of broader sociological theories 

Please send proposals (400 words) and a brief bio to Lionel Obadia ( )

Deadline Submission of proposals: June 30, 2021

Deadline Notification of acceptance: September 30, 2021

Deadline completed manuscripts (7,000 words): April 30, 2022

The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) “Religion IV” is now freely available

The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) has conducted annual cross-national surveys since 1985. One of its reoccurring topics has been on religion and religious change. The ISSP Religion study was first conducted in 1991. It was fielded in 18 countries which collected 24,970 cases. Religion II was fielded in 1998 by 32 countries with 39,034 cases. Religion III in 2008 covered 46 countries, including four non-ISSP members with funds from the Templeton Foundation (Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania) with a total of 66,683 cases. Religion IV in 2018 was carried out in 48 countries, including 15 extra countries with funds from the Templeton Religion Trust (Algeria, Cambodia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Vietnam) with a total of 68,186 cases.

Along with the earlier rounds Religion IV is now freely available from the GESIS archive in Cologne as indicated below:

Data access including download in SPSS or Stata format, is offered online via GESIS Search at:

Overview information on this release can be found at the respective “module page” at:

Together with the international ISSP 2018 data set comes the data of “A cross-national and comparative study of religion” in additional 14 countries based on the ISSP questionnaire. The project was chaired by NORC and the data is offered in SPSS or Stata format online via GESIS Search at:

To facilitate the linkage of these data with the international ISSP data set, we are providing match syntax files in SPSS and Stata.

Overview information on the project can be found at:

AASR February Newsletter

The AASR YouTube channel is now live with some recordings from the 2020 Digital Conference. To view and/or circulate: AASR 2020 Digital Conference Recordings 

Call for Papers:


36th ISSR/SISR ‘Religion in Global/Local Perspectives: Diffusion, Migration, Transformation’ Conference, 12-15 July 2021 (digital only), Taipei, Taiwan. Closing soon Call for papers: 8 January to 28 February 2021. More info

UK – 2021 Implicit Religion, Race, and Representation (Online), 21-23 May 2021. Abstract deadline: 15 March 2021. More info

New 82nd Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion on Communicating Religion’s Relevance, 7-10 Aug 2021. Abstract deadline: 31 March 2021. More info

Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference 2021, 20-22 September 2021. Abstract deadline 3 May 2021. More info

3rd ANU Religion Conference – Religion and Migration: Culture and Policy. Canberra, 8-10 December 2021. Proposal deadline 21 May 2021. More info 


Call for papers for the Journal of the Contemporary Study of IslamCall for papers for the Waikato Islamic Studies Review

Call for Book Proposals in Modern East Asian Religion and CultureCall for papers for the International Journal for the Study of New Religions

Call for paper for a thematic issue of Religion: Emic Categories and New Paths / Case Studies in the Scholarly Use of Indigenous Concepts (working title). Deadline Feb 2021. 

Call for papers: Special Issue on “Historizing Islamophobia”. Deadline February 2021. 

Call for papers: Special Issue “Female Mystics and the Divine Feminine in the Global Sufi Experience”. Deadline 1 July 2021. 


1. International seminar series on “Religion, Crisis and Disaster” 
Talks will be online between February 24 – April 28, always on Wednesdays at 7pm in Sydney/4pm Perth (to allow for time difference with Europe and the Americas), except for Simon Coleman’s talk, which will be on 3rd of March at 12pm Sydney/9am Perth.
First speaker on Feb 24th is Prof Birgit Meyer (Utrecht, Philosophy and Religious Studies) presenting on ‘Religion and the Pandemic.’ More info

2. ICA 2021 Preconference Program: Intersectional Imaginaries in Media, Religion and Gender
May 27, 2021. More info


2021 ATF Theological Book Prize. Submission by 31 March 2021. More info.Junior Professorship for Religious Studies, Westphalian Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Professor in Study of Religion, University of Helsinki

Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal (RSDR) Fellowship of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC)

Socrel blog on Medium: call for blogs from Socrel members

The Socrel blog now has a new home on the publishing platform Medium, which can be found at  

We hope that the site on Medium can act as a showcase for the research that we do as Socrel members and help promote our work in the sociology of religion to a wider audience. To this end, I invite you to submit blog posts for Medium that can be published in the following months.   

Blogs can be from 500 to 1,000 words and can be about any aspect of your research and/or research practice.   

Recent blogs include: 

Ahmed Topkev’s comparative journalism research on the framing of religion in British and Turkish newspapers: (  

Laura Jones’ research about Ramadan using visual methods:  

ISAGRAM Issue 191, January 2021


Social Justice in Times of Uncertainty
Swiss Sociological Association
Geneva, Switzerland
June 28-30, 2021
Abstracts: January 29, 2021

Science Communication: Take a Step Back to
Move Forward

Université de Lorraine, France
November 16-19, 2021
Proposals: February 1, 2021


VIII ISA Worldwide Competition for Junior

International Sociological Association
Submissions: March 31, 2021

ISA Award for Excellence in Research and

International Sociological Association
Submissions: May 30, 2021


CRIDAQ Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2021-2022
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Applications: January 27, 2021

 Demography & Social Inequality
Doctoral Scholarship
University of Cologne, Germany
Applications: March 1, 2021
New Approaches to Using Media in Social
Science Classes

Call for papers
Special issue of Sociological Imagination
Submissions: February 1, 2021

 Time in Childhood and Adolescence
Call for papers
Special issue of Sociedad e Infancias
Submissions: February 15, 2021

Global Sociology and the Coronavirus


 Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of
International Studies

University of San Francisco, USA
Applications: January 15, 2021

 Social Research and Public Policy Professor,
Tenure-Track – Open Rank

Division of Social Science
NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE
Applications:  Review will begin on February 1,

[Religions] 2021 Young Investigator Award Announcement

Religions is now inviting nominations for the 2021 Young Investigator Award. This prize will be given to one young investigator in recognition of her/his excellence in the research field of “religions”. All nominations will be assessed by an Evaluation Committee led by the Editors-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Klaus Baumann and Prof. Dr. Arndt Büssing.                                                                                                                  

The prize:

  • 2000 CHF (Swiss Francs);
  • Option to publish one paper free of charge in Religions after successful peer review before the end of July 2022;
  • An engraved plaque.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Must have received their Ph.D. or equivalent degree no more than 10 years before 31 December 2020);
  • Must have produced ground-breaking research and/or made a significant contribution to the advancement of the research field of “religions”.
  • Candidates must be nominated by a senior researcher, research director, or department head.

List of Documents for Nomination

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae including an updated publication list and a list of the researcher’s own research grants;
  • Scanned copy of doctorate certificate;
  • Signed nomination letters from two established senior scientists.


Nomination deadline: 31 May 2021
Winners announced: 31 July 2021

How to submit nominations?

The nominations must be submitted online:

ISA Publications Committee looking for a Social Media Manager

The International Sociological Association’s Publications Committee is looking for a Social Media Manager. We have really little time to fill the position and deadline is approaching soon (Dec 18th)

I kindly request you disseminate the CFA among your contacts and potential candidates

ECR (including PhD students) and colleagues from under-represented regions are particularly welcome. If you could identify someone who has the experience and the stamina to join the team, please encourage them to apply.

I will be glad to answer any queries the potential candidates may have. Please ask them to contact me directly at .

Thanks a lot!
Stay safe and healthy!

Dr. Eloísa Martín
Associate Professor, United Arab Emirates University
Associate Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (on leave)
Vice-President for Publications, International Sociological Association (ISA)
Chair, ISA Human Rights Committee

New Podcast: “Religion Unmuted”


The Religion and Public Life Program (RPLP) at Rice University, directed by Prof. Elaine Howard Ecklund, has launched a new podcast! RELIGION UNMUTED is the podcast that brings women’s voices to the table. We explore how religion impacts public discourse around important social issues, like racism, politics, immigration, health, and the body. Join us for research-driven dialogue that amplifies women’s voices in conversation about religion and public life. Subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen; all episodes are available here: .

News from the American Sociological Association’s Section on Religion



Tenure-Track Assistant Professor – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – ASA Job ID 16552

  • The Department of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is pleased to participate in the following search for a tenure-track assistant professor:
  • Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
  • Please pass these links along to potential candidates; thank you! For questions about the search, please email Jennifer Eissing, Department of Sociology, at:
  • Applications will be considered until the position is filled, but our review of applications will begin on November 9, 2020.

Postdoc – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – ASA Job ID 16557

  • The Department of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is pleased to participate in the following search for a postdoctoral research fellow:
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity:
  • Please pass these links along to potential candidates; thank you! For questions about the search, please email Jennifer Eissing, Department of Sociology, at:
  • Deadline for submission is November 16, 2020.
  • *Note: We welcome more job announcements. Per ASA policy, academic jobs advertised through our listserv include ASA job bank ID.


Plans for the 116th ASA Annual Meeting in Chicago, August 7-10, 2021 continue. Note that ASA’s online portal will open for submissions on Monday, November 9, 2020. The submission deadline is Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

Sociology of Religion Section Sessions are assigned to Day 4, Tuesday, August 10th. Since this is the last day of the meeting, our section receives an additional session for papers.

The section’s Program Committee consists of colleagues with an array of expertise. In hopes of adequately diversifying the scholarship featured this year, we are issuing an OPEN call for all Religion Section sessions and roundtables, while asking that session organizers for each of our sessions pay particular attention to themes which I believe are of particular significance to the study of religion today as follows:

  • Session: Sociology of Religion OPEN (preference for papers on gender & sexuality) Session
    Organizers: Jonathan Coley and Courtney Irby
  • Session: Sociology of Religion OPEN (preference for papers on cross-national or international dynamics)
    Session Organizers: Gary Adler and Rachel Rinaldo
  • Session: Sociology of Religion OPEN (preference for papers on the State or power dynamics)
    Session Organizer: Meredith Whitnah and Rhys Williams
  • Session: Sociology of Religion OPEN (preference for papers on non-religious dynamics or nones)
    Session Organizers: Joseph Blankholm and Jacqui Frost
  • Refereed Roundtables: Sociology of Religion Roundtables OPEN
    Session Organizers: Orestes Pat Hastings and Laura Krull

Our annual Sociology of Religion Section Business Meeting will convene immediately after the Roundtable Session.

Also, the Religion Section anticipates partnering again with the concurrent meetings of the Association for the Sociology of Religion also in Chicago. For example, we plan to again co-host a joint mentoring session for graduate students as well as a joint evening reception. More details as they are available.


Our ASA Sociology of Religion Section is making plans to offer opportunities for Graduate Student Mentoring in the coming year. Stay tuned for details as they emerge.


If you have newsletter items – Announcements, Awards, Promotions, Publications, Calls for Submissions, Job Listings (with ASA Job Bank ID), and other relevant material, please email Evan Stewart at

If you have anything you would like to share in future announcement emails, please email me –

Gerardo Martí, PhD
L. Richardson King Professor of Sociology, Davidson College

New Publications from an RC22 Member

Dear colleagues

I am pleased to keep you informed of this article of mine which has just been published:

Foroutan, Y. (2020), Ethnic or Religious Identities?: Multicultural Analysis in Australia from Socio-Demographic Perspective, Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, 7 (1): 1-19.

Foroutan, Y. (2019), Formation of Gender Identity in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Does Educational Institution Matter?, Journal of Beliefs & Values: Studies in Religion & Education, Vol. 39, Issue 2.  Pp. 1-18.

With best wishes, 
Dr Yaghoob Foroutan
Research Associate, University of Waikato Islamic Studies Group, New Zealand
Associate Professor of Demography, Social Sciences Department, Mazandaran University, Iran & Adjunct Fellow, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University, Australia

The idea is to die young as late as possible” Ashley Montagu (1905 – 1999).