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New book on “Faith-Based Organizations in Development Discourses and Practice”

Open-access volume edited by Jens Koehrsen and Andreas Heuser can be accessed via

This book explores faith-based organizations (FBOs) in current developmental discourses and practice. It presents a selection of empirical in-depth case-studies of FBOs and assesses the vital role credited to FBOs in current discourses on development. The contributions stress the agency of FBOs in diverse contexts of development policy, both local and global. It is emphasised that FBOs constitute boundary agents and developmental entrepreneurs: they move between different discursive fields such as national and international development discourses, theological discourses, and their specific religious constituencies. By combining influxes from these different contexts, FBOs generate unique perspectives on development: they express alternative views on development and stress particular approaches anchored in their theological social ethics.

Open-Access article on Mosques as Gendered Spaces

You may be interested in my article on mosques as gendered spaces, which has now been published in the open-access journal Religions. The article is free to download here:  Mosques as Gendered Spaces: The Complexity of Women’s Compliance with, And Resistance to, Dominant Gender Norms, And the Importance of Male Allies –

Women’s presence and role in contemporary mosques in Western Europe is debated within and outside Muslim communities, but research on this topic is scarce. Applying a feminist lens on religion and gender, this article situates the mosque as a socially constituted space that both enables and constrains Western European Muslim women’s religious formation, identity-making, participation …

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