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CFP: Ibadan Journal of Sociology

CALL FOR PAPERS: Ibadan Journal of Sociology

Ibadan Journal of Sociology, published by Department of Sociology, Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, is now accepting manuscripts for its June 2015 Volume 2 edition. Authors should submit original manuscripts addressing pertinent academic and policy issues but must be of relevance to Sociology. Manuscripts can be either empirical or theoretical but must be interesting and accessible in language and style to both sociologists and non-Sociologists. The use of jargons should therefore be very minimal. Submitted manuscripts will be considered if they have neither been previously published nor under review in another journal or publisher in whatever form or language. Otherwise, the author(s) must inform the editor(s).

Review Process
Manuscripts adjudged suitable, in the first instance, will be subjected to at least two peer reviews. Articles and book reviews will only be accepted based on originality, content, currency, accuracy, relevance, compliance with editorial styles and other technical issues. All articles will be checked for plagiarism with the aid of anti-plagiarism software. Articles that do not comply with preparation/editorial styles/guidelines, stated below, will automatically and immediately be rejected without proceeding to peer reviews. United Kingdom (British) English Standard is the journal’s approved style. The maximum word count for articles is 8000, 5000 for book reviews, excluding tables, photographs, references and endnotes. Manuscripts must be in Ms Word for PC and must only be submitted as e-mail attachment. For accepted manuscripts, it must be noted that the editor(s) may make revisions to manuscripts but major revisions will be shared with author(s) for approval.

Manuscript’s Arrangement
A typical manuscript for the journal should follow the standard arrangement of:
1. Cover page: detailing succinct title of manuscript, author(s) names, institutional affiliation, address, email address, acknowledgement of funders, subjects etc (if any), indicated corresponding author.
2. Maximum of 250 words abstract giving lucid summary of the whole manuscript (on a separate page). This normally should not have citations
3. The main article with introduction/Background, engagement with relevant literature, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion, endnotes, references, brief autobio.
4. Endnotes. No footnotes please
Ibadan Journal of Sociology

The reference guide for all manuscripts for this journal is University of Ibadan Manual of Style (UIMS). This can be downloaded free from the University of Ibadan website through the PG School link. Otherwise, kindly contact the editor for assistance.

Manuscripts for consideration in this Volume 2 should be sent to the editor, Professor. A.O. Olutayo, at All correspondence should also be addressed to the editor. Contributors should kindly be aware that the Department of Sociology, Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Ibadan, Nigeria reserves the copyright in all articles published in Ibadan Journal of Sociology. In cases of wanting reprint, contributors must seek express permission of the publisher/Department of Sociology, Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, but this will not be granted within 3 years of publication of the article. Contributors will be entitled to 2 hard copies of their artless with the volume number in which their articles appeared. Extra copies may however be accessed by contributors once they contact the editor having paid the appropriate charges per article.

Deadline for Submission
Deadline for submission for this edition is Monday 31 May, 2015 but immediate submissions will still be considered.