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CFP: Conference Freedom of Religion or Belief in Situations of Crisis (16-19 06 2016, Tallinn, Estonia)

The University of Tartu Faculty of Law in cooperation with its international partners is organizing an international conference entitled “Freedom of Religion or Belief in Situations of Crisis: Why Can’t We Get Along?” on 16 – 19 June 2016 in Tallinn. It is an interdisciplinary conference intended for academics, professionals and students interested in human rights issues in the current migration crisis.

The aim of the conference and its future publication is to tackle these issues in a multidisciplinary manner. Contributions are not required to be written from a legal perspective. The theme itself is interdisciplinary and allows contributions from scholars from multiple backgrounds, including law, history, religion studies and political science. A combination of theory and practice is also encouraged.

We specifically call for contributions that address above themes that will be addressed in separate panels during the conference:

1. Freedom of Religion or Belief of Refugees and Migrants
2. Freedom of Religion or Belief in the Conflict Zone
3. Hate Speech and Migration
4. Religious Symbols in Public Space
5. Accommodation of Diversity
6. Secular State as a Gate and Peace Keeper?
Authors are also welcome to address interrelated issues such as combating terrorism and extremism. For example, to some degree we can talk about ‘securitization of rights’ or security as a meta-right.

During the conference there is also a session for students to introduce their work, get feedback from international scholars and test their ideas in a less formal academic environment.
Important Deadlines
01 February 2016 Title and abstract of proposed contributions to the Conference Lead
14 February 2016 Organizing committee decision on acceptance of the contributions to the conference
01 May 2016 Draft paper or outline of main thesis and points to the Conference Lead (to support distribution to conference attendees for feedback and discussion)
01 November 2016 Final revised, peer reviewed contributions to the editorial team

All expressions of interest and questions can be sent to Dr. Merilin Kiviorg (Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law) at the University of Tartu, Faculty of Law (