CFP Future insurgency and arrival. Thinking place-making (RC 21)


Future insurgency and arrival. Thinking place-making across divides

Panel P10 at the RC21 Delhi Conference: in and beyond the city (09/2019)

Panel abstract

In cities around the globe, north and south, disparities between city dwellers continue to grow. We are thus bound to witness a rise of new forms of insurgent citizenship (Holston 2008) claimed by long-term residents as well as by newcomers. Dynamic rather than static relationships link cities and their dwellers. Furthermore, cities as places of arrival are not neutral sites which people enter. Cities are emergent socio-technical materialities, forged out of the fragile permanence of the built environment and the narrative genealogies of perception and interpretation.

In this panel, we wish to explore the manifold relations between the arrival of newcomers (Meeus/Arnaut/van Heur 2018), place-making practices (of old and new city dwellers) and the concept of insurgent citizenship. We welcome contributions that engage with the cross-fertilisations offered by this dynamic trilogy. Papers should explore how place-making and insurgent forms of citizenship evolve in different arrival contexts or how places are socially and socio-materially produced to realise arrival or new forms of insurgent citizenship. Keeping in mind the entanglements of the urban past with its present and emergent futures, we want to conceptually discuss the interconnections between arrival as place-making, insurgence as arrival, and place-making as insurgence.

By engaging in the above-outlined conjunction of three insufficiently linked discussions, we hope to overcome the dualism of old and new residents in framing and conceptualising urban social dynamics. This panel invites papers that approach the outlined issues in different contexts of arrival and by focussing on different aspects constraining and facilitating place-making and practices of insurgent citizenship.

Panel organisers (alphabetically)

Dr. Tilmann Heil (KU Leuven, Belgium) |
Dr. Fran Meissner (TU Delft, Netherlands) |
Dr. Monika Palmberger (University of Vienna, Austria) |


Practical Information

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Date and place: 18-21 September 2019, Delhi, India
Submission Deadline: 20 January 2019
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