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CFP: Media, Gender, & Religion

Media, Gender & Religion
The Sixth International Conference hosted by The Center for Media, Religion, and Culture
January 7-10, 2016, University of Colorado Boulder

Confirmed Speakers: Sarah Banet-Weiser, USC Annenberg School for Communication Kathryn Lofton, Yale University | Mia Lövheim, Uppsala University Carla Jones, University of Colorado Boulder | Monica Miller, Lehigh University

This conference seeks to bring current research in religion and media studies into conversation with current scholarship on gender and sexuality in order to explore a rich and understudied range of issues relating to the intersection of religion, media and gender studies, broadly considered. During the past three decades, the fields of feminist and gender studies, queer theory, ethnic studies and sexuality studies have generated a tremendous amount of critical, historical and theoretical analysis of the categories of ‘gender’ and ‘sexuality,’ broadening our understanding of these categories well beyond binary models. Scholars working in these areas have explored the myriad ways that cultural, religious, historical, political, legal, psychological, linguistic, and literary contexts shape gender and sexual expressions, identities, norms, and practices. This conference will provide opportunities for careful and focused discussion of these and many more related issues. Papers and panels may address, but should not be limited to, questions such as:

• Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of media, gender, religion and culture: gender as a category of analysis, feminist theory, queer theory, intersectionality, LGBTQIA analyses, postcolonial feminist perspectives, etc.
• Comparative analyses of religion, gender and sexuality in the media
• Historical approaches to media, gender, and religion
• Global and transnational discourses of religion, gender, and media
• Gender, secularism, and media
• Discourses of sexuality, power, gender and desire
• Religion, gender violence, and media
• Gender, sexuality and the senses, material and visual culture, aesthetics, affect and embodiment
• Neoliberalism, labor, consumption, branding, and marketing gender and religion
• Representations of gender and sexuality in journalism and news media
• Gender, religion and media stereotypes
• Gender, media and religious authority
• Religion and gendered media spaces
• Gender, religion and mediatization
• Gender, religion, and race/ethnicity
• Gender, sexuality, and politics
• Role and impact of new technologies on gender and sexuality
• Popular culture, entertainment media and portrayals of gender and sexuality
• Interactions and shifting boundaries of religion and gender in social media
• Religion, gender, and gaming
• Social movements, social and religious activism, and issues of gender and sexuality
• Religion and gender bullying and harassment in media spaces