CFP: “Post-Secular Stories: the Divine in Contemporary World Literature” conference – LCC International University (, Klaipeda, Lithuania; 5-6 February 2016

Call for Papers
Post-Secular Stories: the Divine in Contemporary World Literature
A research conference exploring ways in which the Divine / the Holy / God / god / gods /
the Above-Human is thematised is current writing. This includes literature across genres,
geographies and thematics.
Venue, dates, fee:
LCC International University (
Klaipeda, Lithuania
5-6 February 2016
Conference fee: €100 (includes conference dinner)

Context and invitation:
In the unfolding post-secular intellectual climate of our time, the aspect of the religious /
faith / spirituality / theology is recognised for what they are again in song lyrics,
journalism, novels, poetry and other genres of writing. No longer reflexively either
privileged or marginalised as in earlier eras, orientations towards the religious are
increasingly “normalised”, as something that in the public sphere in principle holds no
greater and no lesser prominence than other facets of life. In a more balanced way, faith
can in our time increasingly be spoken, be spoken of and be spoken against.
In this conference, the ways in which this trend plays out in various forms of literature
across the world is investigated. Not intended to provide a definitive overview, but as an
initial attempt to grasp some dimensions of these developments, only 20 papers will be
accepted for presentation at this conference.
To this end, the conference organisers invite, until 15 December 2015, proposals for
research papers on this wide-ranging topic. Specialist academic presentations in English
of 30 minutes (followed by 10 minutes discussion time) that focus deeply on the selected
topic will be welcomed. As wide a range as possible of disciplinary backgrounds,
language and genre specialisations, and international representation will be
accommodated. In typical post-secular mode, participants of all religious orientations
and none are welcomed.
In addition to participants who make formal conference presentations, interested parties
who would like to attend the conference without formal speaking slots would be welcome,
at the same conference fee. Attendees from Klaipeda and surrounding areas who would
like to attend one or more sessions, without attending the conference dinner, are
welcome to do so at a reduced fee (please e-mail in this regard).

Paper proposals should include a presentation title and 150–250 words describing the
intent of the presentation, including the genre/s, language/s and geographical region/s
covered. The name of the author/s, qualifications and institutional affiliation/s (if any)
should be included. Please e-mail proposals to no later than 15
December 2015.