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CFP: Visual Narratives of Faith – Religion, Ritual and Identity

Call for Papers Visual Narratives of Faith: Religion, Ritual and Identity. Third ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna (Austria) July 10‐14, 2016.

Drawing on the work of Geertz (1973) on ritual behaviour and Claude Lévi-Strauss (1966) on ritual bricolage, this session invites papers that will discuss the use of the visual in researching rituals, faith narratives and faith-based identities. It welcomes papers that engage with themes such as:

The role of ritual objects and material culture in constructing meaning and (re)creating faith rituals
The potential of ritual bricolage to (re)create and/or disrupt rituals, faith narratives and faith-based identities
Faith rituals as (temporary) assemblage(s)
The queering of faith rituals

Panellists are strongly encouraged to use film, photographs, drawings, artefacts, bricolage, assemblages and academic critique to discuss how visual narratives intervene with, disrupt, and make audible, faith-based identities.

Call closes 30 September, 2015 24:00 GMT.

For further details see

Participants must submit abstracts on-line via Confex platform at . Abstracts must be submitted in English, French or Spanish. Only abstracts submitted on-line will be considered in the selection process.

For more information about the visual sociology Working Group of the International Sociological Association (WG03) please see