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CFP: “Young people, religion, politics, and education” — ISSR Conference in Barcelona, July 9-12, 2019

Deadline for Proposals is 16 dec – Proposal (title and abstract up to 250 words)


Session abstract (English): <>

Organized religion is currently experiencing profound generational change in europe and the anglophone world. Young people are increasingly identifying as non-religious. What does this mean for the sociology of religion and education? Political debates about religion, politics and education often exclude the voices of children and young people. Do young people still want to get educated about religion? What is the relevance of education about religion when increasingly young people are declaring themselves as having no faith? What does this mean for future imaginings of education about religion? Through social media and digital cultures contemporary teenagers are exposed to diverse perspectives on religion, politics and education. How are their experiences mediated by where they go to school, their faith, their politics, their gender and sexual identity and their geographic location and ethnic identity? How is this shaping their worldviews? What is taking the place of religion in young people’s lives in relation to education about ethics/spirituality/morality? Education about gender, and sexuality is being weaponized by the recent resurgence of nationalism and populism in some european countries – take recent debates in hungary over attempts to ban gender studies. How are young people mobilized and mobilizing in these political struggles and what can this tell us about their changing worldviews? How do religious prescriptions of normative gender and sexualities in education become proxies for broader political debates about young people and education?  

Please join us in Barcelona!!