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Conference on Intersecting Discourses on Migration in the UK, Germany and Russia

International Conference

Intersecting Discourses on Migration in the UK, Germany and Russia

Thursday, 5th November 2015 (09:00-18:00)

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

G39 Education Building

(R19 on the Edgbaston Campus map)

This ESRC-funded conference explores immigration and migrant integration discourses and their influences on policy-making. The focus will be on three countries: the UK, Germany and Russia. All three countries are important destination countries attracting large numbers of migrants and refugees. At the same time there are distinct differences in migration trajectories and responses across them. The conference thereby intends to bring the different contexts of these three countries together, and to gain new insights into a topic of great relevance to society, particularly in the context of the current refugee and migration crisis. The conference is organised by PhD students Szymon Parzniewski and Anja Benedikt and supported by the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) and the Institute for German Studies (IGS) at the University of Birmingham.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Christian Joppke (University of Bern) “‘Citizenship Lite’ Revisited”

Professor Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University) “The discursive construction of ‘strangers’”

Plenary speakers:

  • Dr. John Round (University of Birmingham)
  • Professor Sergey Ryazantsev (Russian Academy of Science)
  • Prof. Dr. Sybille Münch (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
  • Dr. Riem Spielhaus (University of Nürnberg-Erlangen)
  • Dr. Bastian Vollmer  (University of Oxford)
  • Dr. Galina Yemelianova (University of Birmingham)

The conference includes three panel sessions: Labour Migration and Linguistic Integration Discourse in Russia; Discourses on Border Security and Diversity; Immigration and Discourses surrounding Muslims.

For more information, please visit our webpage.

The conference is free but there are limited places. To register please complete the online form:

For further information you can also contact the organisers Szymon and Anja