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Conference: Oral Histories and Contributions of Intellectual and Religious Movements in Philippines

Oral Histories and Contributions of Intellectual and Religious Movements in Philippines

2nd PASCHR International  Conference

Philippine Association for the Study of Culture, History and Religion

A National Association of IAHR(International Association of History of Religions) under the auspices of the CIPSH , affiliated to the UNESCO

Hosted by


Lapaz, Iloilo City



Buenavista, Guimaras


First Announcement

The nation-states’ narratives and social histories have always been monopolized by the epical tales of great men and heroes usually in records of combats among the powerful and in accounts of conquests of the weak by the strong. Meanwhile nation building and state formations are recounted as stories of industrial movements and of civilizations progressing towards modernity such that the national narratives and social histories are silent on alternatives streams of histories. Societies in the margins, the conquered peoples and communities who have remained traditional have no accounts of these histories, where memories of their own histories remain undocumented narratives.  To reconstruct their histories, one has to excavate them from the side assays of colonial journals and travelogues and exhume from footnotes of world almanacs and atlases. The oral accounts and peoples’ anecdotal testimonies are however rich resources that are little explored. Oral traditions and histories from the ground are important resources complementing that of accounts of oft-sidelined accounts byintellectual movements and religious and cultural reformisms thatare off-stream processes in societal progress through time.



There is need to capture the multiple-narratives and reconstruct myriad diversities of experiences in political and state formations by reclaiming the voices of the margins. This conference will highlight the following:

1.     Accounts of inter-religious and cultural processes in social change by accessing historical resources from the alternative vantage of intellectual and religious movements;

2.     Intellectual dialogue and active adherence to cross-cultural linking-back and in opening new modalities of cultural exchanges


–          Political Reformism and Counter-Hegemony in Philippines

–          Local Histories and/of  the Indigenous People

–          Religion, Histories of Religions and Religious Movements

–          Rituals, Symbolism and Indigenous Material Culture

–          Cross-borders, cross-cultural exchanges and Globalization

Other papers are also welcomed covering the study of culture and religion in the region.

Submission and review    

All Proposal should be submitted to Dr. Lilian Diana B. Parreno, VP for Research and Extension, Guimaras State College

MclainBuenavista, Guimaras

Email add:


Copy to:

Dr. Richard De Leon

Research Director


Lapaz, Iloilo, City

email add:


Dr.Emeralda Sanchez

President, PASCHR

UST, Manila

email add:

Registration fee can be made either on-site at the start of the conference ,or through the PASCHR account with the BDO Dapitan,Cor. Lacson. account No. PASCHR 007280035776 Deposit receipt / proof of payment should be presented upon registration at the conference


Dates                                                                          Other Details

Conference Date:

Registration and other pertinent details—to include information regarding lodging facilities and travel to and from the conference venue — will be available online which will be announced later thru the Conference email address at email add:

March 2-4, 2016

Early RegistrationFeb. 4 2016
Late RegistrationFebruary 23 ,2016 or On-site Registration
Last Submission of AbstractFeb. 25, 2016
Submission of Full PaperFeb. 26 , 2016


Registration Fees

Foreign (Professionals)     400 USD Coverage:

–        2 lunch, 5 snacks, kit and souvenir, for 3 days

–        with single-room hotel accommodation.

–        hotel to airport service.

–        Kit and souvenirs


1.     Local (Professional) – 4,000.00


–        2 lunch, 5 snacks, kit and souvenir, for 3 days

–        (without accommodation)

2.     Local (Students) – [TBA]



Prof . Esmeralda Sanchez   Dr. Raul F. Muyong            Dr. Rogelio T. Artajo

Conference Chair                   Co-Chairperson                 Co-Chairperson