Upcoming ISA Conferences:

RC22 will take part in the following upcoming conferences:

  1. 4th ISA Forum of Sociology, Porto Alegre, Brazil, which has been postponed until February 23-27, 2021
  2. 20th ISA World Congress of Sociology, July 24-30, 2022: To be held in Melbourne, Australia in July 2022. 
  3. RC-22 Interim Regional Conference in Lithuania, late August 2021 (proposed)

 Past ISA Conferences:

RC22 played a major role in these recent conferences:

  • November 2019: RC22 Midterm Conference Accra, Ghana: THEME: “Rethinking Religion in the Public Sphere in 21st century Global South”
    Click HERE to see the conference description.
  • July 2018: XIX World Conference of Sociology Toronto, Canada.  THEME: ” Power, Violence, and Justice”



The RC22 Program Coordinators were Anna Halafoff, Caroline Starkey, and Sam Han
Click HERE to see the conference program
Click HERE to see a list of RC22 sessions
Click HERE to see the RC-22 Theme Announcement.