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Everyday Lived Islam in Europe

Everyday Lived Islam in Europe

edited by Nathal M. Dessing, Nadia Jeldtoft, Jørgen Nielsen and Linda Woodhead Ashgate Publishing:

‘Everyday Lived Islam in Europe… builds on the postulate that theologies are not made exclusively in official venues by religious experts, but at a multiplicity of places and occasions and not only by experts. It is essential reading material for all those interested in how Islam takes shape in Europe.’ Thijl Sunier, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

‘Everyday Lived Islam in Europe opens a new chapter in the study of Muslim communities in Europe. Transcending stale debates about integration and “social cohesion,” this unique collection of research essays provides a portrait of how Muslims in Europe in multiple and highly varied locales and lifeworlds create meaning in relation to religion. A must read for anyone seeking to understand the social reality of European Islam today.’ Peter Mandaville, author of Global Political Islam

Contents: Introduction, Nathal M. Dessing, Nadia Jeldtoft, Jørgen S.
Nielsen and Linda Woodhead; Part 1 Studying Everyday Lived Islam in Theory and Practice: Tactical and strategic religion, Linda Woodhead; The hypervisibility of Islam, Nadia Jeldtoft; How to study everyday Islam, Nathal M. Dessing. Part 2 Case Studies: Bihishti Zewar: Islam, text, and the daily lives of Gujarati women in Leicester, Raana Bokhari; Elastic orthodoxy: the tactics of young Muslim identity in the East End of London, Daniel Nilsson DeHanas; Spirituality and emotions: making a room of one’s own, Nadia Jeldtoft; ‘School Islam’: lived religion in the context of a secular public institution, Sidsel Vive Jensen and Lene Kühle; Experiencing Islam: narratives about faith by young adult Muslims in Malmö and Copenhagen, Jonas Otterbeck; Daily life and conflict in the Albayzín neighbourhood of Granada, F. Javier Rosón; Illness, healing and everyday Islam: transnational lives of Somali migrant women, Marja Tiilikainen. Concluding reflections: everyday lived Islam and the future of Islamic studies, Jørgen S. Nielsen; Index.