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First International Congress of the Chilean Society for the Sciences of Religions

Conference Theme: Dialog, education and religious tolerance

Concepción – Chile From May 23 to 26, 2017

For the first time, the Chilean Society for the Sciences of Religions will organize a congress dedicated to the dissemination of research works from the academic world. It is important to promote a continuous progress in the research on the religious phenomenon in Latin America from a non-denominational stance. For this reason, we think it is important to create spaces for disseminating the work of Chilean and foreigner researchers. In accordance with the requests received from several colleagues, in this Second Call we invite you to send free papers. Thematic lines for the symposium papers

  • 1) Theory and methodology in the study of religions
  • 2) Phenomenology of religions
  • 3) Symbology and Art in religion
  • 4) Islam and Islamophobia
  • 5) Modern religious movements
  • 6) Anthropology and sociology of religions
  • 7) History of religious institutions
  • 8) Literature and religion: Sacred texts
  • 9) Religion, politics and gender studies
  • 10) Psychology of religions
  • 11) Education and religion
  • 12) Ecclesiastical law
  • 13) Religions in classical antiquity
  • 14) Church-state relationships in Latin America
  • 15) Archeology and religiosity in prehistoric times
  • 16) Iconography and religious cultural heritage
  • 17) Religions and human rights
  • 18) Far East Religions
  • 19) Philosophy of religions
  • 20) Popular and ethnic religiosity in Latin America

Presentation of papers On the website, you can look into the “Simposios Aceptados” section in order to send a summary of your paper proposal to the coordinator of each working group. In case your paper proposal does not fit any of the symposia, it must be sent as a free paper, which will be assessed by the Scientific Committee of the Congress, and included in special symposia coordinated by the Organizing Committee.

The e-mail for sending free papers is: IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THOROUGHLY THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ACCEPTED SYMPOSIA, SO THAT YOU CAN SEND THE PAPER PROPOSAL DIRECTLY TO THE COORDINATORS. Only in case no symposium fits your proposal, this must be sent to the organization as a free paper.