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Free Public Lecture: “No religion and unbelief in a post-Brexit Square” – Dr Lois Lee

13 Feb 2020, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

DTH, Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall Building. England.

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Welcome to the Faiths Unit public seminar series on: ‘Religion, Belief and Brexit: challenges and opportunities’

We have invited contributors in a variety of fields to reflect on how they see the role of religion and belief in the context of Brexit. Does Brexit shape the trajectories and impacts of religion and belief in the public sphere in ways that might be different from expected, and if so, how? As and when the UK begins to move away from a sense of crisis, to a new sense of identity and place in the world, where and how do religion and belief fit? What role do religion and belief play in the problems and the solutions expressed by Brexit? We will be offering these questions to academics, journalists, faith leaders and activists over the series.

The final part of the Faiths & Civil Society Unit Public Seminar Series is:

Thursday 13 February, 2:00pm | Deptford Town Hall Council Chamber, Goldsmiths
‘No religion and unbelief in a post-Brexit square’ ­
Dr Lois Lee, University of Kent