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Free Virtual Journal Issue: Celebrating the work of Saba Mahmood

Springer has just released a virtual issue of Contemporary Islam, with selected articles temporarily (and freely) available online for all to download:

Contemporary Islam

From the Introduction:

  • When Saba Mahmood recently passed away, I reflected on how she had influenced this journal. I know she was involved in the early discussions about its creation. Curious as to how she might have influenced its pages, I did a word search of all articles published in the journal. No fewer than fourteen articles cited her and several engage her work more fully. I have selected here those articles that engaged her the most and which allow us to reflect on her intellectual legacy. When it came to writing a treatment of Professor Mahmood and her work, I reached out to Robert Hefner who considered her a friend and colleague. Professor Hefner has written a reflection on her work and its influence not only on the pages of this journal but on Islamic studies, anthropology, and the social sciences more generally.

A full introduction by editorial board member Robert W. Hefner can be read here.