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Heritage, Religion and Travel Network Conference: Theoretical and Empirical Journey

Heritage, Religion and Travel Network Conference

Theoretical and Empirical Journeys

(Mersin Congress and Exhibitions Centre, Turkey 27th-29th May 2016)

Call for Papers

Around the globe and across a wide variety of religious traditions,
heritage has become central to our understanding of landscape, space and
time. Heritage sites attract hundreds of millions of visitors each year,
often as a form of pilgrimage to sacred destinations. Their popularity
has provoked a burgeoning interest in both ‘sacred’ and ‘secular
pilgrimage’ as a legitimate focus of academic enquiry and on tangible
and intangible heritage more broadly.

This unique conference seeks to build on four decades of research on the
relationship between Heritage, Religion and Travel and to advance new
theoretical and empirical perspectives concerning this relationship. It
also offers an interdisciplinary space for debate. Hence, and not
coincidentally, the conference will be hosted in the ancient city of
Tarsus in Turkey ̶ a country that could be defined as at the crossroads
of history, i.e. between east and west. It is a land deeply influenced
by religious traditions and heritage of extraordinary variety and
richness. It also has been the setting for the rise and fall of many
cultures and entire civilizations. Drawing on the work of leading
academics, we hope to evoke the depth and breadth of the importance of
heritage and its connection to religion and new and old forms of travel
and tourism.

The focus of the conference will be on re-assessing old and building new
theoretical frameworks for the study of heritage, religion and travel,
with particular emphasis on the study of pilgrimage and religious tourism.
Publication Opportunities

Heritage, Religion and Travel: Empirical and Theoretical Journeys, is
pleased to announce that we will be able to offer authors the potential
to publish their work in three separate series run by academic
publishers (Ashgate, Routledge and Lexington books) on the topic of the
conference. The Ashgate series editors include Dr. Dee Dyas (University
of York), Prof. John Eade (Roehmapton University/Toronto), Prof. Simon
Coleman (University of Toronto) and Prof. Jas’ Elsner (University of
Oxford/Chicago). The Routledge series is edited by John Eade, Diogine
Albera (University of Aux-Marseille), Ian Reader (Lancaster University),
Alana Harris (King’s College London) and Ellen Badone (McMaster
University). The Lexington series is edited by Dr. Michael A. Di Giovine
(West Chester University) and Prof. Noel B. Salazar (University of Leuven).

The quality of papers will be the guide to the potential for publication
and submission is automatic with the acceptance of the paper’s abstract.
This is a great opportunity for new upcoming scholars as well as
established authors to showcase their work. We expect wide-spread
interest in this conference so please register ASAP for places are very
limited! To register go to

We are open to the suggestions for thematic panels which may include,
but are not limited to, the following themes:

Conference Themes

۞ Heritage & Religious Traditions

– Past, present and future of Heritage and its Religious meanings
– The relationship between Heritage and Spirituality
– Religious Tourism: old and new theoretical and empirical perspectives
– Heritage and Landscape: communalities and differences between place
and space
– The framing of Heritage as Secular Cultural Symbolism
– Heritage and Politics of Identity
– Art, Heritage and Religious, Spiritual meanings
– Heritage and Memory
– Consumer Culture and Heritage sites
– Organizing bodies (UNESCO, WTO)
– Food as Sacred Objects, Food as Heritage.
– Heritage and the Oral Traditions
– The Mechanisms and Outcomes of Transitions from sites of Heritage to
sites of Pilgrimage
– The Mechanisms and Outcomes of Transitions from sites of Religious
Significance (Pilgrimage) to Heritage (Tourist) sites

۞ Religion and Travel

– Tourism and its discontents
– Contested sites: the Politics of site formation and maintenance
– Religion, Travel and the Media
– The Hermeneutics of Place and Space
– The Relationship between Religion and the Travel and Tourism Industry
– Religious Heritage of Minority Groups
– Religion, Heritage and Migration

۞ Pilgrimage, Landscape and Heritage

– Perspectives on Pilgrimage as a Spiritual Journey
– Pilgrimage and Territorial Boundaries
– Pilgrimage in Memory and Narratives
– The Centrality of Heritage for Pilgrimage
– Relationship between Religion and the Travel and Tourism Industry
– Pilgrimage and Nature (ecological perspectives of movement and sacred
– The Hermeneutics of Place
– Literature as a focal point for Pilgrims and Travelers
– Religious Tourism and/or Secular Pilgrimage
– The Diversity of Cultural/National/Linguistic/Artistic representations
in Pilgrimage Sites
– Historical sites and Modern sites
– Gender, Ethnicity and other Identity Issues

۞ The Sacred & The Secular: Contesting and/or Re-affirming Religion

– The Relationship between Religion and Culture in the formation of
Sacred Places and Landscapes
– The Sociology and Anthropology of Religion and their importance for
the study of Heritage, Religion & Travel
– Secular Societies and their Religious Heritage: Past, Present and Future
– To Go on a Pilgrimage or to Walk on a Pilgrimage Trail?
– Secular Lands, Sacred Journeys: The Dichotomies of Culture, Religion
and Politics

۞ Theoretical & Methodological Perspectives

– Tangible and Intangible Heritage
– Theoretical Perspectives on the Study of Heritage, Religion and Tourism
– Empirical & Methodological Perspectives on the Study of Heritage,
Religion and Tourism
– Liminality as a central Concept in the Study of Heritage and Tourism
– The Social Sciences and the Study of Heritage, Religion and Travel
– Religion, Consumerism and the making of Tourist Spaces
– Globalization and the expansion of Tourism in the 21st Century
– Travel and Tourism: Past, Present and Future
– Visiting Places from Home: The Internet and Virtual Travel
– The Meaning of Tourism for Tourists and Hosts
– Movement and the Limits to Freedom: Barriers and Contradictions
– Methodological Challenges in the Study of Heritage, Religion and Travel
– The Semiotics and/or Hermeneutics of Heritage Travel
– Other types of Travel (air, sea, rail, walking)

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Dr. John Eade – University of Roehampton/University of Toronto
Prof. Dr. Ian Reader – Lancaster University
Dr. Avril Madrell – University of the West of England
Prof. Maria Coroucli – Universite Paris Ouest Nanterre

Program committee:

Dr. J. Eduardo Chemin (Çağ Üniversitesi, Turkey)
Prof. Dr. John Eade – University of Roehampton (U.K.)/ University of
Toronto (Canada)

Submission details:

Abstracts (up to 350 – words in Word doc.), with contact details and
affiliation, should be submitted to the following e-mail address: by Dezember 15, 2015. You will be informed about
acceptance or non-acceptance of your proposal by January 15, 2016.

Registration fee

On or before January 15th 2016 (early bird): € 50 (170 TL)
Regular Fee (after early-bird deadline – January 15th 2016): € 75 (250 TL)

Graduate Students presenting papers: € 50 (170 TL)

Co-authors or accompanying person: € 50 (170 TL)

Please note: All bank transaction costs are to be paid by the author

Registration fee covers:

– Conference proceedings (backpack with book of abstracts)
– Welcome reception (drinks and snacks)
– All meals during the conference hours
– Refreshments and snacks during session breaks
– Excursion with Tourist Guide
– Reception and Dinner

Payment Method:

In EURO (€) (for academics from outside of Turkey) to be made to the
following account number:
held with İŞ BANKASI A.Ş.
IBAN: TR380006400000260700032846
Çağ Üniversitesi (Mesep Oti)
Yenice Mahç Cemal Girsel Bul. 142 D

In Türk Lirasi (TRY) (for academics from Turkey) to be made to the
following account number:
HESAP SUBESI: 6070 (Adana Ticari/Adana)
held with İŞ BANKASI A.Ş.
IBAN: TR510006400000160700026603
Çağ Üniversitesi (Mesep Oti)
Yenice Mahç Cemal Girsel Bul. 142 D

*we kindly ask you to send us confirmation of your payment via e-mail: