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International Conference on Universality v Particularity: Human Rights and Religions

Call for Papers

The Joint PhD Program on «Human Rights, Society, and Multi-Level Governance» offered by the University of Padova, University of Zagreb-Faculty of Law, University of Western Sydney, Panteion University of Athens, and the University of Nicosia

invites submissions for an international Conference on

Universality v Particularity: Human Rights and Religions

Nicosia, Cyprus

8-9th of June, 2018

The two-day conference will examine the aspects of the relationship between human rights and religions, universality and particularity, considering both the internal aspects of regulating human rights within a religious group, as well as the external aspects of regulating the interaction between religion and human rights on behalf of the state.

Religion is a salient aspect of a global public order. Extensive migration flows and the growth of religious plurality alongside with different levels of secularization have led to diverse models of relationship between human rights and religion. The particularity of ethnic and cultural diversities highlights the need for a re-evaluation of the traditional legal and socio-political thinking on religious freedom within the universality of human rights.

All these aspects will be considered through a multi- and interdisciplinary approach which encompasses law, sociology, philosophy, and political science. Participants are invited to address these issues and propose papers in line with the conference rationale, in relation to the following topics:

  1. 1. Universal human rights, domestic regimes, and dominant religions/ religious minorities
  2. 2. The religious effect on the states’ commitment to human rights
  3. 3. Religious freedom and ECtHR rulings
  4. 4. Religious freedom governance in domestic and international perspectives
  5. 5. Generational evolution of rights and the impact of religions
  6. 6. Political and legal secularisms and religious freedom
  7. 7. Regional negotiations of religious freedom practices
  8. 8. Religion and LGBT rights
  9. 9. Women inside and outside religions: human rights approaches
  10. 10. Grassroots society initiatives and religious freedom engagement
  11. 11. Global ethics and moral and cultural particularities
  12. 12. Religion, migration, and human rights
  13. 13. Human rights rhetorics within a religious tradition
  14. 14. Interreligious dialogue and human rights
  15. 15. Religion, human rights, and economic crisis

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Prof. Marco Ventura, University of Siena

Dr. Effie Fokas, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Study (ELIAMEP)

Key Dates

January 15th, 2018 – Abstracts (400 words) should be sent to

February 10th, 2018 – Notification of acceptance

There are no fees for attendance. Participants are, however, responsible for securing their own funding for travel and lodging.


Please direct inquiries in connection with this Conference to:

Prof. Achilles Emilianides: