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ISAGRAM issue 197, July 2021

Global sociology and the coronavirus


The Sociology of Vulnerabilities and

Philippine Sociological Society
October 1-5, 2021
Submissions: July 15, 2021

Building Equity and Resilience

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
Louisville, USA
October 7-9, 2021
Submissions: July 18, 2021

Research Methods in the Digital Society:
Areas and Practices

International Lab for Innovative Social Research
University of Salerno, Italy
November 24-25, 2021
Abstracts: July 26, 2021

Bodies in the Pandemic Context

ISA RC54 The Body in the Social Sciences
Online Conference
September 2-4, 2021
Abstracts: July 30, 2021

Education and Culture in Contemporary

Albanian Sociological Association
University Fan S. Noli of Korca, Albania
November 5-6, 2021
Abstracts: September 6, 2021

Sexy Trends for an Emerging Global
Governance System

World Complexity Science Academy
Lisbon, Portugal
April 20-22, 2022
Panel proposals: September 13, 2021

For World Balance: With All and for the Good
of All

The José Martí Project for World Solidarity
Havana, Cuba
January 25-28, 2022
Abstracts: November 30, 2021


Abel Prize 2022
Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Nominations: September 15, 2021


Crowdwork and Platform Work in Europe
Special Issue of the Journal of Labor and Society
Abstracts: July 31, 2021

Mediation in the process of exiting political

Theme section of Violence: An international

Submissions: September 30, 2021 


Directors for Research, Study, and

Evaluation of Public Policies (FBK-IRVAPP) and
Religious Studies (FBK-ISR)
Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy
Applications: July 30, 2021

Professor of Politics and Gender

Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Vienna, Austria
Applications: September 29, 2021