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ISCOR Newsletter

Number 1, 2017

Editors: Katiuscia Carnà, Nicolamaria Coppola

January 2017

ICSOR, International Center for the Sociology of Religion, was founded in Rome in January 2017. On the 5th January 2017, ICSOR’s Board of Directors – convened via computer – made the following appointments:

  • Secretary and Delegate of the Board of Scientific Advisors: Cecilia Costa
  • Treasurer: Maria Mansi
  • President: Roberto Cipriani

Katiuscia Carnà and Nicolamaria Coppola were co-opted as members of the Board. Professor Franco Ferrarotti is Honorary President of ICSOR. Professor José Casanova chairs the International Board of Advisors.

On the 26th January 2017, beginning at 6 pm, at the ICSOR headquarters in Rome, viale delle Milizie 108, the Institute officially began its activities with a paper by Professor Emanuela C. Del Re, sociologist of religion, Professor of the Sociology of Middle-Eastern Political Phenomena and of the Sociology of Cultural Processes, expert in Geopolitics and National Coordinator of the Italian Association of Sociology, AIS’s National Section the Sociology of Religion. Her paper was entitled: “Yazidi e minoranze religiose in Medio Oriente” [Yazidi and religious minorities in the Middle East]. A documentary made by Professor Del Re in the KRG entitled La festa negata [The feast denied] was screened. This film is available on Youtube at

In October 2013, Professor Emanuela Del Re, President of the EPOS organisation, filmed one of the most important Yazidi festivity, Jazhna Jamaye (Feast of the Assembly), held at the temple in Lalish, in Iraqi Kurdistan. Last year the feast was cancelled and the motivation given was for “reasons of public safety”. In effect, in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, in the month of September there had been an attack that heightened security awareness considerably. The Kurdistan authorities thought it would be better to avoid large-scale crowds like that which the Yazidi festival would have attracted therefore, they forbade its celebration. The temple was placed under imposing security measures with strict controls. Following the screening of the film all those present took part in a debate with Professor Del Re. Some light refreshment was then provided.

February 2017

On the 21st February 2017, beginning at 6 pm, at the ICSOR headquarters in Rome, viale delle Milizie 108, Nicolamaria Coppola, PhD Candidate in Applied Social Sciences at Rome’s La Sapienza University, Doctor in Multimedia Publishing and New Information Professions, General Secretary of the EPOS non-profit Organisation, presented his book Omosessualità in Medio Oriente. Identità gay tra religione, cultura e politica [Homosexuality in the Middle East. Gay identity amid religion, culture and politics], published by Aracne. The author was present and sociologist, Professor Massimiliano Ruzzeddu, acted as moderator.   . . .

[This interesting newsletter continues for two more pages.  The entire newsletter is attached as a PDF file]