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Book: Islam in British Media Discourses

Ever wondered what non-muslims actually do with media stories about
Islam and how it relates to Islamophobia? How is society affected by
repeated discussions of Islam and Muslims in print and television
news? My new book (Islam in British media discourses: Understanding
perceptions of Muslims in the news) attempts to provide an answer to
those questions. See description and table of contents below:


Media reporting on Islam and Muslims commonly relate stories about
terrorism, violence, or the lack of integration with western values
and society. Yet there is little research into how non-Muslims engage
with and are affected by these news reports. Inspired by the overtly
negative coverage of Islam and Muslims by the mainstream press and the
increase in Islamophobia across Europe, this book explores the
influence of these depictions on the thoughts and actions of

Building on extensive fieldwork interviews and focus groups, Laurens
de Rooij argues that individuals negotiate media reports to fit their
existing outlook on Islam and Muslims. Non-Muslim responses to these
reports, de Rooij argues, are not only (re)productions of local and
personal contextuality, but are co-dependent and co-productive to the
reports themselves.

1 Modes of production: British media as a discursive system
2 Symbolic representations of Islam and Muslims
3 A dialectic of media theory and audience praxis
4 Examining the influence of current media portrayals of Islam and Muslims